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New Left total disaster: We were Never Worse Off


Beneath the glossy wrapping of materialism and technological advancement, there is growing social unrest in the West.

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We have been through a cultural revolution since the 1960s that has led to a rampant lack of discipline and order in schools, lack of respect for parents and teachers, a denigration of religious citizens be it Christians or others, writes historian Hanne Nabintu Herland at World Net Daily, a leading conservative news outlet.

WND is America’s largest Conservative network with columnists such as Larry Elder, Ann Coulter, John Whitehead, Joseph Farah, Ben Shapiro, Dinesh d’Souza, Pat Buchanan, Dennis Prager, David Kupelian, Jesse Lee Peterson and most of the famous Conservatives in the United States.

Thinkers like Herbert Marcuse, the father of the student revolution in the 1960’s, speaks openly in A critique of pure tolerance about the need to oppress the views of the majority population in order to succeed in revolutionizing the culture.

Marcuse’s illiberal words reveal the authoritarian New Left pursuit, stating that repressing the worldview of the majority is necessary in order to achieve the desired goal:

To change the value system and revolutionize the West according to the neo-Marxist ideology.

The New Left neo-Marxist ideology has created a war zone in marriages, exploding divorce and suicide rates, mental disabilities, growing poverty as the income gap widens.

A remarkably destructive culture of drug dependency engulf society in an epidemic way as financial crisis due to an unbelievable amount of greed unfolds.

And while all this social problems unfold, the New Left keeps controlling the media, shouting to continue down the hedonist, atheist trail.

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New Left Tyranny, by bestselling authorHanne Herland
New Left Tyranny author, bestselling Scandinavian author, Hanne Herland is a regular contributor to the leading Conservative outlets in the United States. The book is available on USA Amazon, UK Amazon here (or browse your local country Amazon for the book, list of some local country links below) on Barnes and Noble, Faith Life Books, Books a Million and others. Kindle version here.
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New Left total disaster: Remarkably little is done to stop it, except for the mainstream pushing for even more hatred among groups, divisiveness between the sexes and rebellion against the historic values that once made America great.

Due to strict New Left elitist control over the media, the people’s perspectives on these issues and suggested remedies do not receive much attention.




New Left total disaster: All we hear in the media are the voices of the extreme liberals shouting for a borderless society and “more freedom.” But what is freedom and freedom for whom? My right to be selfish? And to what degree will that actually make me happy in life?

The ancient, Greek philosopher Plato once stated that too much freedom equals a new form of slavery. It all depends on how you define freedom as the brotherhood of men depend on all of us working together. We need each other and must respect one another’s right to differ in both opinion and way of life.

The New Left has, since the 1960s imposed its neo-Marxist ideology on the West. The social revolution revolted against traditional values

The question remains: How can the West be so massively plagued by mental and social disorders and yet with an elite that are the richest and most prosperous in the world?

A quick glance at statistics shows that the results of the New Left social revolution in the ’60s tell the story of a culture in massive decline.

Political analyst Pat Buchanan says in “Suicide of a Superpower” that the United States has undergone a cultural, moral and religious revolution that spells out the end of Christian America.

According to the U.S. Forum on Child and Family Statistics, rates of births outside of marriage have rocketed from 5 percent in 1960 to 41 percent today.

In 2006, only 21 percent of families were married couples with children under 18, according to the Labour Information Centre 2007.

Suicide rates among teenagers tripled between 1960 and 1990, according to the National Institute of Mental Health.

In the same time span, the Index of Leading Cultural Indicators shows that violent crimes such as murder, rape and assault increased in the U.S. by 550 percent. Yes, 550 percent.

New Left total disaster: This is not a description of some failed state where the elite take all the money and the corruption is rampant; it is the United States of America.

Today, there is less disposable income for a two-parent working family than a single-parent working family in the 1950s. And the highpoint economically for Americans peaked in 1987.

New Left total disaster: An extreme definition of secularism that equates “being secular” with “being atheist” has increasingly dominated the academic community, the entertainment industry and the political scene.

It is a militantly authoritarian, anti-God and anti-traditionalist revolution that has caused a deep split in the U.S., morally, socially, culturally and theologically.




New Left total disaster: It looks like we have never been worse off socially than after accepting the extreme-liberal restructuring of society that culminated in the 1960s rebellion against historical and traditional values.

Buy the book New Left Tyranny from bestselling author, Hanne Herland here.

And maybe the churches have become politically correct, too. In that case, no wonder Americans are leaving the churches.

The decline of the institutionalized church in America is massive, Buchanan points out. According to the Religious Identification Survey conducted in 2008, 16 percent of all American adults have no religious affiliation; 30 percent of all couples getting married avoided having a religious wedding; and 27 percent of Americans do not want a religious funeral.

New Left total disaster: Compared with 99 percent who were Protestants at the time the U.S. was born, only 51 percent were so in 2007. Among “white Americans,” Catholicism has faced major blows since the 1960s, only rivalled by the crisis of the Reformation in the 1500s. Nonetheless, Catholicism is on the rise with the growing influx of immigrants from traditionally Catholic countries.

Maybe people don’t want Christianity anymore because Christians have become politically incorrect and do not represent the genuine message of the revolutionary Jesus. Who knows?

Maybe people exit the churches because there is only selfishness, complacency and hedonism there, too. Evangelical Christianity has undeniably undergone dramatic changes.

Some say evangelical churches are turning into Hollywood-like entertainment halls where the preacher is the rock star performing while the audience watches, waiting to get rich.

They are to be amused, “blessed” and focused on what God can do for “me,” thus joining the selfish hedonist approach, forgetting the command of actively engaging in solidarity with the needy in society and to “love one another”. It is time to reconsider the founding values that once made America great.


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