EU immigration wall between Turkey and Syria

European hypocrisy, we criticize Trump, yet build our own walls


The European hypocrisy when criticizing president Donald Trump wall efforts to stop illegal immigration along the US’ southern border, simply is baffling, writes historian Hanne Herland in one of America’s largest conservative news outlets, World Net Daily.

The European mainstream media are tripping over themselves in copying New York Times and Washington Post attitudes. They demonize the “racist” Trump efforts to build a wall to stop criminal activity,  none of them mentioning that Europe already has its own walls.

The criminal activity include the multi billion dollar drug epidemic trail into the US, ten billion dollars of drugs goes annually through Arizona alone.

99.8 % of illegal drugs are shipped into the US through the Mexico border. 64 billon USD worth of drugs are sent into the US every year from Mexico. The Democrats fight like crazy to maintain it.


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Yet, the European Union already built their own wall! Billions have been allocated to maintain the exact same type of wall, between Turkey and Syria. It is 764 kilometer (475 mile) long, designed to keep illegal Asians from flooding Turkey and from there, travelling into Europe.

Turkish forces reportedly fire machine guns on the refugees who are trying to cross the border, blocking them from entering, as reported by Human Rights Watch.




The German Der Spiegel has a quite revealing article on the issue. In addition, the EU is allegedly funding the military equipment used to stop the illegal refugees from entering Turkey, according to quite an extensive report by The Black Sea.

The deals risk the EU being complicit in possible violations of the international rights of refugees. Still no mainstream European media outlet touches the subject. All they ever talk about is “the horribly racist Trump wall”.

The EU funded wall in Turkey reportedly incorporates both electronic and advanced technology layers. The physical layer includes modular concrete walls, patrol routes, manned and unmanned towers and passenger tracks, according to one of the few media that address this issue.

When Hungarian prime minister ,Viktor Orbán – sworn enemy of Open Society, globalist hedge fund master, George Soros– made the fence that stops the flow of migrants into Europe in Hungary, the media outcry was immense.

Orbán was “racist, islamophobe, anti-Europe, anti-immigrants” and so on. Yet, later, when the EU funds a 764 kilometer wall between Turkey and Syria, the media is remarkably silent.

The European Commission Fact Sheet report from 2016 states that EU would, in close cooperation with Turkey, allocated €3 billion under the Facility for Refugees and speed it up.

An additional €3 billion will be allocated to Turkey by the end of 2018.

Part of the deal, was also opening up the borders between Turkey and the EU. No one can deny that Turkey’s Erdogan is brilliant. He makes the whole of Europe sing in fear to his tune, while being paid billions for it.

According to Der Spiegel: “The EU states have provided the government in Ankara with security and surveillance technology valued at more than 80 million euros in exchange for the protection of its borders.

This included the transfer of 35.6 million euros by Brussels to the Turkish company Otokar as part of its IPA regional development program for the construction of armored Cobra II military vehicles, which are now being used to patrol the border to Syria.”


The EU and Europe funded Turkey wall
The EU and Europe funded Turkey wall.


It is perfectly understandable that countries try to prevent illegal immigration, as it destabilizes the nation, creates anarchy and has all kinds of destructive effects.

Not the least, it tends to push the wage level down, which benefits the ultra rich, as pointed out by many, among them the US best-selling author and social commentator, Ann Coulter.

National borders are there to prevent chaos and make sure its citizens have rights, prosperity and legal protection. Since the Westphalia Peace in 1648, national sovereignty has been the core principle to peace between nations.

Those who continuously push for a capitalist globalization of markets and therefore need open and unregulated borders, understandably need to demolish national sovereignty.

The internationalist economic system is dependent on borderless societies to dominate the world stage. They want the few to succeed, not for the rising wage levels for the broad parts of the people.

The Liberal-Progressive morality probably goes like this: When president Trump does it, it’s automatically wrong and should be condemned in the harshest way possible.

When the Europeans do exactly the same, we all support it.

When the Obama administration points out that the southern border represent serious threats, as they did according to Todd Bensman at Middle East Forum, the media remains silent.

If “white, male, heterosexual” Trump says illegal immigration is dangerous, he automatically is a racist.

The European hypocrisy, both in the media and among politicians, is astounding. We exemplify the art of double standards in an unprecedented manner.


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