The aim of US politics was to create chaos in Ukraine in order to weaken Russia, says Bjørn Nistad


Herland Report TV: “The aim of US politics was to create chaos in Ukraine, in order to weaken Russia as its geopolitical adversary. American politicians knew exactly what they were doing, that it would lead to a forceful civil war,” says President and Founder of the Independent Russian Information Center in Oslo, Dr. Bjørn Ditlef Nistad in this new Herland Report TV program.

“In the 1930’s, you had a Nationalist-Fascist movement in Ukraine, and in the 1940’s they cooperated with the Germans and killed hundreds of thousands of Jews and Poles. Seemingly, during the Soviet era, many thought that these problems had been overcome.”

“Yet, after Ukraine became independent from Soviet in 1991, there was unfortunately a reawakening of this Nationalist-Fascist, anti-Russian movement. When the so-called Orange Revolution happened, these trends resurfaced.”



Dr. Nistad: “In order to understand modern Ukraine, it is important to know that Ukraine is not a natural state at all. Modern Ukraine was created just a hundred years ago by Polish revolutionaries and Austrian-Hungarian secret services.”

“In many ways, one may say that Lenin and Stalin were the creators of Ukraine, as the need to have a strong working class there was implemented. It is very strange that Ukrainians hate Lenin, because they really should love him. It was he who created modern Ukraine.”

“They created museums to honor Stephan Bandera, the Ukrainian Fascist leader in the 1940’s, he was made a hero in Ukraine. In 2014, during the Maidan and so on, Yanukovich was toppled, 5 or 6 of the new ministers were declared Fascists. The EU knew about this, and still supported it.”

“Later, it was brought to the attention of the public that the Ukrainian diplomat, the General Council in Hamburg, had produced hundreds of messages of Facebook saying that “Holocaust was a good thing”, “Hitler was a hero”, “Jews deserve to be killed” and so on. Tens of Ukrainian diplomats and journalists had supported these messages.”

“I wrote about this, with copies of Israeli, American and other Norwegian news outlets, sending to leading Norwegian news outlets and none of them wanted to do this. I said, this is open Fascism, still there was silence. Why does our national state TV refuse to speak about this?

“There was a reaction against this in Crimea and the Eastern parts of Ukraine. Everyone who knows Ukrainian history, knows that this would create a reaction in the Eastern parts.”


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