Multiculturalism crush Western values: antifa, NBC

The 1960’s Multiculturalism is a Marxist invention that crush Western values in the West


Multiculturalism – several cultures living side by side in a nation with the host country not imposing its values on incoming immigrant groups – has in essence turned out quite differently than the neo-Marxists probably hoped for when they implemented this theory in the 1960’s.

Instead, multiculturalism has slowly robbed ordinary Westerners of pride in their own culture, many now feeling discriminated against in their own countries.

They feel that immigrants may say and do whatever they wish, while the indigenous people of, for example Europe, are not allowed to voice their opinion or determine in their own country which values they want to pursue.

Multiculturalism crush Western values: Today we watch how ethnic tensions are building up in Western nations as many feel that illegal immigrants get “the free-ride goodies” such as lavish government benefits while they have to work hard to earn the same amounts.

Steadily focusing on skin color rather than the Western ideal of equality regardless of race, gender, creed or class, we now face a situation where skin color and ethnic origin has been brought to the forefront of the debate, writes historian of comparative religions, author and commentator, Hanne Nabintu Herland.

The neo-Marxist, multicultural narrative asserts that certain ethnic groups – among them non-Western immigrants – are not to be held accountable in the same way one would do with a white person when in Europe or other Western countries.

It represents a total breaking away from the historic, Western principle and ideal of equality regardless of race, ethnic origin, gender, creed or class.


Multiculturalism crush Western values: Hanne Nabintu Herland, TV2
Multiculturalism crush Western values:  New Left Tyranny author, bestselling Scandinavian author, Hanne Herland is a regular contributor to the leading Conservative outlets in the United States. The book is available on USA Amazon, UK Amazon here . «This is a remarkable book by a remarkable person. Excellent work.” Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, leading American political economist


Multiculturalism imposes Racism against indigenous Europeans


Multiculturalism crush Western values: Over the past decade the opponents of multiculturalism have multiplied. Leading politicians like the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, former British Prime Minister, David Cameron and former President in France, Nicolas Sarkozy have all condemned this neo-Marxist strategy of integration that equates the ideals of other cultures with European traditional values when in Europe.

The multicultural idea was that Europeans should not uphold their own cultural roots in Europe, but instead allow non-Western immigrants to impose their traditional norms and customs when living in Europe in the name of accepting diversity.

This has created a system in which one set of rules are applied to the ethnic Europeans while another set of rules – often considered much more lenient and permissive – is applied to countrymen who originate from outside the Western hemisphere.

Many feel that immigrants get away with attitudes and rude behavior that would never be tolerated if the same was done by an indigenous European. For example, the trend of newspapers omitting the ethnic origin of criminal perpetrators in order to avoid to seem ‘racist’ – which represents a lenient, excusing attitude towards non-Westerners who commit crime.

Excusing “black atrocities” becomes the norm while not excusing “white atrocities” in the same manner, all based on the idea that we are not equal and should not be treated equally.

When Europeans protest, arguing that each culture should be able to determine which values that unite the inhabitants in that particular country – in their own cultural sphere – these have quickly over the years been labelled “racist” or “intolerant”, causing many to quickly be silenced.





The inherit Racism in Multiculturalism


Multiculturalism crush Western values: The whole concept of multiculturalism derives from the neo-Marxist Leftwing thought that permeated society during the 1960s. The French philosopher, Jacques Derrida (1930-2004) is often called the father of multiculturalism.

He developed the theory of deconstruction and famously speaks about power structures as pairs, one weak and the other strong, male-female, “white” versus “black”, majority versus minority and so on, are all considered opposites, automatically assuming that the power balance is static.

This means that the “male” is always the strong in the pair, and the “female” always the weak. The “European” is always the strong, and “the immigrant” always the weak, helpless victim.

Consequently, one should “always feel sorry for” Africans, but not for Europeans, as they are automatically considered “the strong” in the power pair.

The “white man” is always at the top, while the “black man” is always at the bottom. Therefore, the black man needs to be helped, since it is assumed that he cannot help himself. or at least not to the same degree as his indigenous European counterpart. This was the philosophy that dominated the racist thinking of Derrida.

In his quest to tear down the traditional structures of the European society, Derrida naively believed that “Europeans” would always remain the strong part and that non-Westerners always would be the weak link. He did not take into consideration that power structures fluctuate. For example, the hereditary class that was in power two hundred years ago is not necessarily the same that rules today.

His theories legitimized a discrimination against Europe’s population, insinuating that their perspectives are uninteresting and that only the perspectives of “the weak” – that is the non-Western foreigner – had the right to strongly voice his beliefs.

The Left has sadly and misguidedly implemented Jacques Derrida’s Deconstruction Theory that does not permit equal treatment regardless of race and ethnic origin. Rather, it seems to automatically prescribe the role of the victim to anyone with darker skin colors.

This form for racism (racism: the evaluation of a person only based on the person’s ethnic origin or skin color) is now at the core of Leftwing thinking and permeates the very structures of the mainstream media.

Sadly it has come to this, that skin color again is the determining factor.


The Demeaning Attitude towards non-Westerners


Multiculturalism crush Western values: The strict Social Darwinism within Derrida’s thoughts and its demeaning implications towards people from other cultures, is strikingly evident.

From the late 1800s onward, the dominant understanding increasingly viewed history in light of Social Darwinism – defined as the application of biological Darwinian evolution to social fields. This theory became the dominant social paradigm, as the British Empire ruled the world. The broad assumption was that the Western civilization would always remain at the “top of the ladder” of civilization.

It still to this day dominates the Leftwing, universalist view that all cultures should embrace the “liberal Western democracy,” an ideological view that implies a stern lack of respect for national sovereignty of other nations and their right to govern their own regions.

Derrida created a Multiculturalism based on racism, a theory that has ended up creating injustice, more racism and hatred between ethnic groups now all over the West.

A common assumption of Social Darwinism is that the European civilization is supreme to all others and rates highest in every cultural scale. This tints multiculturalism heavily with an underlying socialistic racism.

People with dark skins – non-Western groups – who had ‘the unfortunate fate’ of not originating ethnically from Europe or Western nations are basically pitied.

It is a socialist racism that is remarkably denigrating and today permeates Western social structures.

Instead of showing immigrants respect by offering them work, many shuffle non-Westerners into an underclass of welfare-dependent victims.


Socialist Racism and the Tragedy of Multiculturalism


The tragedy of multiculturalism is that it has created a class oriented and ethnically segregated environment in Western nations which places so called “non-Western foreigners” at the bottom of the social ladder.

This is in essence a form of socialist racism that actually feels sorry for and looks down on those who originate from outside the Western hemisphere.

However, many decline to engage in necessary discussion concerning the need to uphold traditional European values in a time of upheaval, for fear of offending non-Western immigrants.

This implies a tragic misunderstanding of what tolerance really means. Tolerance implies respecting other cultures when visiting their countries, just as immigrants from foreign cultures are to respect European values and ways of life when they move to Europe.

To be tolerant is to respect the traditions, values and social norms of the country in which you are staying.


Multiculturalism does not respect the Nation State


Multiculturalism crush Western values: One of the main problems with multiculturalism, is that it does not respect the differences and boundaries between nations and cultures.

For instance, Christmas celebration is required to be toned down and excluded from school arrangements, justified by claims that the holiday´s emphasis on the birth of Jesus Christ and the celebration of Santa Claus will offend non-Western immigrants.

Yet, many Muslims object to these types of multicultural attempts, as they say that they of course have nothing against celebrating the birth of Jesus, or in Arabic “Isa”. After all, he is a prophet in Islam as well.

When pride in one’s own traditional values are continuously suppressed and spurned, the result is that Europeans feel discriminated against in their own culture.

It turns into a “racism against white’s” which in turn may create a growing environment of displeasure with non-Western foreigners as a whole.

This may fuels hatred amongst ethnic groups that easily could grow malicious. The Swedish city of Malmo is an excellent example of how bad things can get.

The mistake of multiculturalism in its contempt for traditional European values is that it fails to recognize the need for a strong common ground, thus pushing against cultural unity.

There are many misconceptions about what it means to be against multiculturalism. Some believe that it involves a general antagonism towards immigration; that the goal is a society with no foreigners whatsoever, a kind of monoculture where only the original ethnic population is desired.


To oppose multiculturalism means respecting sovereignty


Multiculturalism crush Western values: This is, however, not the case. To oppose multiculturalism means to oppose the neo-Marxist way of solving the issues of immigration.

It means to respect the sovereignty of other countries and their right to define the cultural ideals they wish to emphasize within their boundaries, and at the same time, to claim this very right in Europe within the context of European culture.

Europeans should define the values and laws that apply in Europe and immigrants from other cultures should respect these.

Just as “Europeans” should not dictate norms in other countries and have no right to intervene in other countries’ internal affairs, non-Westerners should not have rights to define fundamental values ​​in Europe.

Thus for instance, to respect the right of other cultures to practice polygamy in their own countries does not necessarily mean that you must accept the same cultural practice when in Europe. Here European values ​​and marriage laws apply.

Those who are not inclined to conform to European laws are of course free to return to their country of origin and practice their religious, marital or cultural preferences there.

We who are against the injustice of multiculturalism aspire a globalized world with a greater degree of international respect based on each country’s right to determine its own values.

Their plea is for a Europe where different nationalities receive equal treatment and actively participate in the development of a society based on the values ​​of the European cultural heritage.

Opponents of multiculturalism have an entirely positive view towards the immigration of labor from other countries.

Historically waves of migration of hard working peoples have produced positive outcome. Law-abiding working immigrants are welcome, but criminals with no constructive contribution to make to society should be punished and expelled.

Many seek the end of multiculturalism´s denigrating view of immigrants. They want a multi-ethnic society that evaluates individuals on an equal basis in light of their competencies and willingness to work rather than ethnicity.

What we need is an equality-based system, freed from the racism of multiculturalism, where citizens may build on common historical values, regardless of ethnic origin.


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