Lillian Müller on Playboy and faith in God

Exclusive interview: Lillian Müller on Playboy and faith in God


Herland Report: Lillian Müller on Playboy and faith in God: Lillian Müller is world known as a health guru, bestselling author, actress, the late Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend.

Lillian Müller on Playboy and faith in God Herland Report
Lillian Müller on Playboy and faith in God.

Lillian Müller is Playboy’s most published Playmate of The Year Covergirl, with over 40 front covers world wide. Follow her home page here.

This is clearly one of the most beautiful women in the world.

We had the pleasure of a sit down with Müller at The Herland Report, where she candidly opened up about her life. Watch it here.

The Scandinavian beauty speaks about her faith in God, her approach to death and how to maintain a positive outlook through the obstacles of life. She also addresses the need for self-discipline in order to carve out a healthy lifestyle and a positive mind.

The Herland Report Lifestyle section adresses sex, relationships, family matters, health and how to live a holistic life based on a good self-esteem, caring for others in the community. 

Watch the Herland Report interviews with Lillian Müller here and here in Norwegian.  In English here.


Lillian Müller on Playboy and faith in God Herland Report
Lillian Müller on Playboy and faith in God. Hanne Nabintu Herland in conversation with the Scandinavian beauty, Lillian Müller. Also check out The Rubin Report, Ron Paul Liberty Report YouTube channel, as well as Jordan Peterson, the BBC and FOX on the same topics.


Lillian Müller on Playboy and faith in God: “My life has been a sort of Cinderella story, considering I came from what they call nothing. I came from a farm in Norway, right after World War II when everyone were struggling.”

“I had faith in God from the very beginning and went to Sunday School every Sunday. So I grew up with a very strong faith in God, even going through demanding things like a child.”




“I always thought I could do it because God is with me. I felt from the beginning that I had a special mission.”

“So, when I set out on my journey, I look at the thread of my life, one little thing led to another and now I feel that I am on top of my life, looking forward to seeing what is ahead of me.”



Lillian Müller on Playboy and faith in God. The Herland Report is a Scandinavian news site, TV channel on YouTube and Podcasts reaching millions yearly.  

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