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TV interview: In a globalist world it is all about the money, says Tommy Hansen


Herland Report: Chief editor Tommy Hansen was a Danish, Berlin based journalist, founder of free21.org, a news site that hosts close to 200 journalists’ work in Europe. In this interview with The Herland Report, he speaks about the US’ establishment’s seemingly endless wars as a multi billion dollar business.

It never ends because it is a neo-con elite paradise of waging war on other nations and becoming filthy rich off other’s tragedies.

This is the globalist world we live in: It is all about the money.

The mighty military complex is fueling the economies in the United States in a historically unprecedented way. We live in a system in which the ultimate enemy is peace.

Tommy Hansen Herland Report
Tommy Hansen: “The driving force behind any war today is money and you must always ask yourself who makes the wars. It is not the people, they do not want wars – it is always the politicians, the kings, the people in power.”
“When we look at the history of the United States, war is a big business. The big families, mostly in the US who got very rich during the Cold War, would not like to lose their fortunes just because the world wants peace. This is where we are today. We are being driven by forces that have nothing to do with democracy. They want, for the sake of becoming even more wealthy, to make more wars.”


“Today it is not only the US that has a war industry. Germany has it, Sweden, Norway. Wherever there is a war industry, there is an influence on politics, because this industry needs wars. Look what happened in 1992 when the Berlin Wall fell, the Cold War was over and we were heading to world peace, better relations with the Russians and so on. This was a disaster for the American war industry. The stocks were going down, nobody wanted to buy stocks in guns and canons any more.”
“We don’t need to look for conspiracies or ideologies, it is just a matter of money. The US could not even last half a year without a war. They would simply go bankrupt. Technically they already are, of course, and have been for years.”
“It is basically an agreement between a bunch of crooks without moral standards, who want to have power and money. Anyone looking at it from the outside can see that this is not sustainable, it is going to crash. And when it crashes, it will be very, very ugly. We have been flooded by US dollars now for decades, and they have no value whatsoever. In the early days, a dollar bill was exchangeable for an amount of gold, but it is not that way anymore.”
Said about free21.org: “Internetmedia such as Free21.org rises to cover the empty space in the aftermath of mainstream media failings.” Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Institute for Political Economy
“Independent journalism in these historical times of an age of war. Free21.org provides background information for free thinking individuals who wants more peace in the world.” Dr. Daniele Ganser Leiter des Swiss Institute for Peace and Energy Research (SIPER)
“Free21.org is a highly welcomed news site in a time where the mainstream media has totally failed us. Our hope, therefore, now is with the alternative media outlets. In Denmark, journalist Tommy Hansen has become a beacon of light with his uncompromising reporting. Free21.org joins in the ranks of news sites deserving all humanist’s support.” Professor emeritus Niels Harrit Københavns Universitet


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