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TV show: Herland on The Media War and Western Propaganda


The News are not always accurate News. You cannot trust that what you read or watch on the News on TV is correct, but must examine further on your own.

The Western Media is too coloured by the political and ideological war of information in such a way the News presented often only manufactures politically correct consent.

Often vital pieces of information are omitted, making the News to a large degree Western Propaganda instead of balanced, unbiased and objective reporting.  TV Visjon, 2014.

Notes: The well-known philosopher Hannah Arendt analyzed Nazism and Communism in the book The origins of totalitarianism.

She illustrates how the individual´s freedom is strangled when group thinking takes over in such a way that the “masses” are controlled by the state.

Arendt points out that totalitarian governance is worse than dictatorship.  In a dictatorship the elite strive to amass political power and persecute the opposition simultaneously.

The elite of democratic totalitarian regimes aspire not only to political power, but to dominate every aspect of their citizenry ideologically, and to determine what they think down to the smallest detail.

What they should believe about family, sex, partnerships, religion, school, priests, police and the law. The goal is to have full control over the development of society and how everyone thinks, with a universal desire that the entire world should eventually develop in the same direction.

The goals are global. Civil rights, the sovereignty of nations, the right of other cultures to define which values and ideals are important in their own culture – none of these rights are respected.

The purpose is to dominate the world and to govern all others according to their own political-ideological goals.

The Second World War demonstrated clearly how evil and power seeking greed can be systematized in a modern democratic state focused on the active bureaucratic manipulation of its citizens.

Aldous Huxley provided an excellent description of a similar and of course, very scary development in his celebrated 1932 book Brave New World.

He shows how restrictive society becomes if personal initiative and the belief in individualism and social responsibility, knowledge, wisdom and the right to differ disappear.

Only strict secular uniformity without respect for history remains in a state that regulates and dictates all things.

Here propaganda is a most cunning weapon.

Propaganda is a form of media-communication that does not purport to provide citizens in a democratic state with objective news.

Instead the news provides the impression of being objective when it really only presents a portion of the truth. Propaganda is used consciously to influence the individual in a defined political or ideological direction.

Somebody once said: “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will eventually believe it”.

Noam Chomsky has been voted by both the New York Times and The Observer the world´s most important intellectual and is the most cited living author in the social sciences and humanities.

In his book Necessary illusions. Thought control in democratic societies he is highly critical of many trends in western democracies, particularly in the USA, and states that political forces limit freedom of the press and freedom of expression in democracies far more than people commonly think.

In the West the press is largely an instrument for western propaganda that functions to cloak a reality where the media, also in democracies, is manipulated by a political-ideological elite with a continual need to control mass opinion.

The reason is simple: in democratic countries the people determine the results of political elections. According to Chomsky, control of opinions is therefore critical.

In his books, for example in Manufacturing consent, Chomsky discusses this in great length.

He believes that private market forces are so strong that the market´s propaganda influences the flood of information to a large degree.

In this way democracy is strangled in democratic states. Chomsky does not consider the USA to be a democracy, since the mixture of political power and private capital is so pervasive.

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