The media stereotypes and vilifies groups #Arabs - Woodley Auguste Herland Report

The media stereotypes and vilifies groups #Arabs – Woodley Auguste


The Herland Report TV: “With the media you can virtually inflict propaganda and it will sway thought,” says the founder of a U.S. based public relations and marketing consultancy, Woodley Auguste in this TV interview, featuring programs on the problems of racism and tribalism in America.

Woodley Auguste is a seasoned professional with over 15 years experience, an American PR guru who has publicized or overseen the marketing of numerous promotional campaigns including 12 New York Times bestsellers and the million copy best-selling books, The Harbinger and 23 Minutes In Hell.

He states: “We need to ask ourselves the critical questions. When you look at Hollywood throughout the years, different groups were vilified, where they would perpetuate a stereotype. And then that stereotype would somehow become truth.”


 The media stereotypes and vilifies groups #Arabs - Woodley Auguste 2020-NEW-COVER-Culture-War
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Woodley Auguste states: “That becomes problematic, where any group has become vilified, for if we look at the history of Hollywood, if you look at any marginalized group – for years it was stereotyped. And then people began to believe the lie instead of asking questions.”

“Then time will shift and we see a new group that may be marginalized, then they become vilified. And now, we see in the Middle East, Arab culture is, here in the United States, public enemy number one.”

“Even contributions from the Arab community is deemed unacceptable. But we don’t ask ourselves the question – without the Muslims or Arabs we would never have algebra. Certain things that we use daily and the contributions from the Arab society, it impacted us in a powerful and profound way.”





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