JoAnne Moriarty and Jimmy Moriarty in tribal meetings in Libya, 2011.

JoAnne Moriarty says Libyan tribes must decide the fate of Libya, not foreigners


Herland Report: The fate of the Libyan people should be determined by Libyans, not foreign powers. Ever since 2011, foreign powers such as the US and EU still keep tight control over Libya, even though the take over in 2011 until now has produced complete meltdown of the Libyan state, states official spokesperson for the Libyan Tribes internationally, JoAnne Moriarty.

She and her husband lived in Libya when the NATO invasion and military coup happened in 2011. She states that the important issue is that the Libyan people be heard, and for the interference of foreign powers to stop in Libya.

JoAnne Moriarty and Jimmy Moriarty in tribal meetings in Libya, 2011.
The NATO Libya war in 2011 sent the country spiraling into chaos and civil war, now characterized by militia rule, sectarianism and proxy war. JoAnne and Jimmy Moriarty lived in Libya, 2011 and were shocked to the core to see the NATO assault on the nation. They have since attempted to shed light on what happened. Here from a private meeting with Libyan Tribal leaders. JoAnne Moriarty says Libyan tribes must decide the fate of Libya.


Hanne Nabintu Herland, founder of The Herland Report:  – JoAnne Moriarty, you are the spokesperson for the Libyan Tribes, it is a pleasure to speak to you about Libya, because we know that you have such extensive knowledge about that country. We note that you are an American, yet you hold this position as spokesperson for the Libyan Tribes, this makes us very interested in hearing your story as of how this all came about.

Official Spokesperson for the Libyan Tribes internationally, JoAnne Moriarty: – Hanne, first let me thank you for doing this interview, it is so important that the truth about Libya be made public. We were in the oil and gas business, doing business in Libya starting January 2007. (Feature photo: Sheik Ali Al Ahwel, former Supreme Leader of all Libyan Tribes.)

We were phenomenally successful at our business and were not activists, involved in politics or journalism. We travelled to Libya many times staying no less than 30 days up to 90 days at a time. We travelled over a great deal of Libya and became friends with many Libyans.


JoAnne Moriarty and Jimmy Moriarty in tribal meetings in Libya, 2011.
JoAnne Moriarty and Jimmy Moriarty greeting Libyan Tribal leaders, 2011.


When the attack on Libya began in 2011, we were invited to return to Libya on a Fact Finding Commission by the Non-Aligned Students and Youth Organization NASYO/ NAM-NGO Forum. We had no idea who put our name on the list, but we accepted and travelled to Libya in May of 2011.

We were the only Americans in this FFC. After we arrived in Tripoli, we were taken to a meeting of the top leaders of the largest tribes of Libya. We met Sheik Ali Alahwel, then Supreme leader of all the tribes and became fast friends with Sheik Ali and many other tribal leaders. Because we knew Libya so well and had so many friends there, we were invited to many tribal meetings and interviewed on a number of Libyan TV shows.




Sheik Ali Al Ahwel, Supreme Leader resides in Egypt.
Sheik Ali Al Ahwel, Supreme Leader of Libyan Tribes.

We actually knew some of the tribal leaders from the past but we had no idea they were tribal leaders in our past dealings.

The tribes are very internal to Libya and they do not speak about their tribal meetings to outsiders.

We had the unique pleasure to be personally invited to attend many tribal gatherings including meetings of the General Secretariat of the Tribes.

We became very close to the tribes and were actually adopted into the largest tribe in Libya – The great Werfalla Tribe.

After we got home in September of 2011 (the story of our capture by Al Qaeda and escape with 3 miracles is for another time), we continued our communication with the tribes and many of our friends who were mostly in exile, we were very concerned for their safety.

In September of 2012 when the attack on Benghazi happened, the tribes called us to pass a formal document to our leaders in Washington DC.

This document was an offer by the tribes to cleanse their country of all terrorists and then to join with tribes from other countries to cleanse their countries of terrorism.

The only requirement was that the US and all its allies leave Libya and stop all interference. At that time they made us their official spokespersons so that we could present this document from them to DC. Of course there was no response.


JoAnne Moriarty and Jimmy Moriarty in tribal meetings in Libya, 2011.
JoAnne Moriarty and Jimmy Moriarty in tribal meetings in Libya, 2011.


After that time, the tribes began to pass us actionable intelligence from on the ground in Libya and N. Africa. We invited the DIA (Defence Intelligence Agency) into our home to debrief us (required because we were captured by Al Qaeda) and to inform them of how wrong footed the US was in supporting Al Qaeda in Libya. We proved this point by sharing actionable intelligence from the tribes with them and with the CIA and FBI (who were also in our home at other times). These meetings never produced any positive results.

What did come from those meetings was a threat to our lives if we did not shut up about Libya. To this day the tribes continue to pass their information to us and we continue to put it out through social media, other media outlets, to Congressmen and Senators (that we know) and by speaking out on TV, radio and doing live seminars.

Hanne Nabintu Herland, founder of The Herland Report: – Please tell us about your life in Libya and in 2011 how the war started. Where were you at that time, and how was it to experience these surprising changes, how Libya suddenly went from being a friend of the West since 2007 and now suddenly was under NATO attack.

Spokesperson for the Libyan Tribes internationally, JoAnne Moriarty: – Before the NATO war in Libya, the country was very secure and peaceful. There were just a few policemen in Tripoli and confrontations were almost nonexistent. Libyans are really a non-confrontational people.

Their culture is ancient and tribal but people go about their business as we would in the west. They are very family orientated and love to have family and friends together at least once a week. The country was developing and building new housing for the people at a quick pace. Food was abundant, they had a large 3 story shopping centres in Tripoli.

The hospitals has the latest equipment (MRI, Cat scans, etc). Driving was a challenge, we always took taxi’s or rode with friends. They had a great justice system. As in every country, there was corruption, but we witnessed their court systems work with great fairness.




The main problem in Libya was the Turkish (Khazarian) mafia, headquarter in Misurata. This mafia received 60% of all government contracts without bid or tender. This mafia had been abusing/stealing from foreign corporations causing many of the projects to be abandoned.

The Libyans were angry about this and it had just been discovered that this mafia had sold 100 million dollars of bogus securities to the Libyan government (like the derivative schemes committed upon the governments by the bankers worldwide).

The government was going to freeze all their assets and finish them but in perfect timing NATO began its attack on Libya and was happily joined by the Misurata Khazarians.


Fruit juice selection in a store in Libya, 2008.
Fruit juice selection in a store in Libya, 2008.


The event in Libya did not start overnight, it was a planned event that goes back to the first treaty to open Libya in 2006, signed by Condoleezza Rice. This treaty required Ghadafi to step down from power (which he did) plus Libya was required to stop and dismantle their nuclear enrichment program (Chris Stevens was on the oversight team), cut their army in half and get rid of all of their offensive weapons.

The next treaty brought into Libya by John McCain in 2009 required Libya to get rid half of their existing military and to get rid of all their defensive weapons. This was agreed to on the condition that if Libya was ever attacked the US would come to its defence. They had no idea that the US would be the attacker.


Also there were war games in 2010 about the attack on a North African oil rich country. This is a proven fact brought out by Congressman Dennis Kucinich in 2011. This release of the truth cost him his seat in Congress. A copy of the video of him releasing that information is on our DVD.

Green Square, Tripoli, 2010.
Green Square, Tripoli, 2010.

There were many reasons for the destruction of Libya. Ghadafi was the lead organizer for the African Union and Libya was the strongest supporter of the African Union.

Libya had financed a satellite cell phone system for Africa which broke the French monopoly that had been in effect for years. This immediately reduced the costs to the people of Africa by more than 500 million dollars a year.

Libya wanted no part Africom, the US military control of Africa. There were 7 other African countries that stood fast with Libya against Africom. Immediately after Libya was destroyed those countries succumbed to let the US have military control.

Ghadafi’s gold back Dinar, an asset backed currency for all of Africa was a reality, the African bank had been domiciled in the Comoros Islands. All the Arab countries had signed on and over half of Africa had signed on. This gold backed currency, backed by the natural resources of Africa was the death knell to the fiat bankers currency scheme.

Also, Libya had no debt, they were not part of the IMF, World Bank, or any fiat bankers money scheme. The 2006 treaty required Libya to invest all its reserve funds inside the Federal Reserve (US) and its sister organization European Central Bank. (EU). With this move, Libya lost all control of it’s fiscal well being. At the start of the NATO war, all Libyan funds in the EU and US were stolen by the bankers. This was a perfect position for the Khazarians, they used Libyan money to destroy Libya.


Enjoying the excellent Libyan food, 2010.
Enjoying the excellent Libyan food, 2010.


Hanne Herland: – How was it to live in Libya before the 2011 war? Please tell us some stories and elaborate on what Libya was before the war.

Official Spokesperson for the Libyan Tribes internationally, JoAnne Moriarty: – Living in Libya was very comfortable and enjoyable. As foreigners, we were treated very kindly. Many people spoke English or knew someone who did as English was the second language. Libyans absolutely loved Americans.

We were always asked if we were English or American. When we said American they threw their hands in the air and said “Americans”. We would get a thumbs and they would say “mia mia” (meaning 100%). In fact, the American oil companies had built schools and trained people to work in the oil industry. They were the first foreigners who did not treat Libyans like slaves (this is what we were told).

Tripoli had good restaurants. Many good hotels were available. Pharmacies carried all the best medications that could be purchased without script. Libya would not accept any medicines or medical devices that were not of the highest quality. Libya was ranked number 1 for prenatal and natal care.

JoAnne and Timmy Moriarty in Libya, 2010, enjoying the hospitality of a Libyan family.

Proof of this accomplishment was destroyed by NATO/UN/US when they bombed the Women’s Center in Tripoli an hour after the UN inspector had been in there inspecting the records.

Women had been emancipated by Ghadafi in the 1970’s so you saw many western dressed women, some with head scarves some without, but there was no required dress codes for women.

Many women were doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, military members, home makers, and other professions. I never felt threatened as a woman in Libya, everyone was polite and respectful.

One time we were taken to a large event by a friend, as I arrived inside, I looked around to see that I was the only woman in a crowd of about 500 men. I was a little surprised and when I asked about this, I was told that this was a wedding party for the men.

They said they were so happy that I had come because for years they had been trying to get the Libyan women to come and they would refused. In Libya they have separate wedding parties for men and women. Later, I received a letter of thanks from the father of the bride (who was a well respected medical doctor) thanking me and asking me to encourage the Libyan women to do the same in the future.

Leptis Magna, 2010.
Leptis Magna, 2010.

We were invited to many homes for meals and anytime we were visiting homes of Libyans, we were always served tea, coffee, and sometimes cake or other sweets. We were invited to go to Garyan one day with a friend whose tribe was from there.

It was a long drive from Tripoli, up a long mountain pass and when we arrived we found that we were in the home of people who had lived underground for centuries.

Sabratha Roman ruins.
Sabratha Roman ruins.

Most of the people had abandoned their caves and moved above ground but we were taken to the ancient home of our friend, where we could see the door and rooms where people had lived.

The clay content of the ground is perfect for making perfectly insulated water tight walls. In the inside of these caves the temperature remained in 70’s (F) year round.

Also, Libya also has some of the most pristine Roman ruins in the world. Libya was the home of Leptis Magna, built in the first century by the Romans who occupied Libya. This was Rome’s largest city and is an amazing site.

Hanne Nabintu Herland, founder of The Herland Report: – When you lived in Libya, how did Libyans perceive Muammar Gaddafi as leader? Which fractions were against him, and why, in your view?



Tripoli before NATO bombardment in 2011.
Tripoli before NATO bombardment in 2011.


Official Spokesperson for the Libyan Tribes, JoAnne Moriarty: – From what we perceived, the Libyan people saw Ghadafi as a regular guy, a brother to them. They called him “brother leader”. They would always see him as the man who gave them their country. Libya was occupied by foreign countries for thousands of years.

Italy was the last to occupy Libya. Libyans were treated as slaves under Italian rule, while the rich Italians built big villas with olive orchards, using the Libyans as their workers. The average salary of a Libyan during this time was 60 Dinar a year. After the Al Fateh revolution in 1969 when Ghadafi was put into power, he gave the Libyans title to land that they had been working as slaves.




We had an interview in 2011 with a little elderly lady whose son had been killed by the mercenaries brought into Libya by Hillary Clinton and the CIA. Unfortunately, they videotaped the cutting of his head and put it out on TV all over Libya. She saw this on TV and this is how she learned her son had been killed.

Libyan Tribes National Forum.
Libyan Tribes National Forum.

We were requested by the family to interview them so that the truth would be known about her sons demise (none of the mainstream media was putting out the truth in Libyan in 2011). After the interview, our translator asked this lady if she had a message she would like for us to relate to the world .

This is what she said: ” May God bless Muammar Ghadafi, may he drink from the river of prosperity all of his life and we as Libyans we stand to protect him as he gave us our land, he gave us our life”. Many Libyans, in my estimation, 85% at least, felt that way about Ghadafi.

Sheikh Tentush Wershfana Tribe leader
Sheikh Tentush Wershfana Tribe leader NATO victim meeting with our FFC.

There were some that did not like him, some people had some kind of a bad experience and blamed Ghadafi. Some of them had families that had been forced to live in exile after Ghadafi came to power.

Much of this had to do with disagreements about religion and politics. In the East of Libya, particularly in a city called Derna, there were many people who followed aspects of Shiria law that was tied to the old despot who England installed as the “so called” king of Libya. Ghadafi did not like radical Islam and as you know, those people are not willing to compromise on any terms.

Some of them attempted to commit terrorist acts upon people who disagreed with them and the Libyan army stopped them and imprisoned some (this was back in the 1970’s). Many of these people left Libya at that time. We met some of the offspring of those people who had returned to Libya and even though they had not experienced anything negative they still hated Ghadafi as they were taught by their parents. Even though he was not the leader of the Libyan government after the treaty of 2006, the people still referred to him as their spiritual leader.

Hanne Herland: – People in the West know so little about the African tribal structure, and therefore often do not comprehend what goes on beneath the surface in many African countries. I was born and raised in Africa, and have seen this for years that the Westerners often have no idea about the tribal identity in Africa. Please tell us about the Libyan tribal structure. Who is allied with who?

JoAnne Moriarty.
JoAnne Moriarty.

Official Spokesperson for the Libyan Tribes, JoAnne Moriarty: – The Libyan tribal structure is very democratic within Libya. The tribes are very ancient and a kin to being a family. Before 2011, the “General Secretariat of the Tribes” a 200 member group of tribal leaders from all tribes, held the second house of the government in Libya.

There was an elected House of Representatives, the General Secretariat of the tribes and a Prime Minister as the government. We were asked by the DIA to present a number of questions to the Libyan tribes to prove our ties to the tribes. Within 24 hours we had a complete response to all those questions.

The importance of this was that the intelligence agencies never had any understanding of the tribal structure or importance, their size or location. This lack of information was proven by the promise of the Misurata mafia, Clinton, Obama, NATO, etc., to take over Libya in 2 weeks which has to this date not been accomplished.
The tribal structure inside the country – Libya is divided into 5 parts (areas) Tripoli, East Tripoli, West Tripoli, East Libya and South Libya. Each Area has 40 “Leaders” members of the General Secretariat. One person from each Area to make-up committee for all tribes and General Secretariat. All Tribes in Libya are same culture same religion – Muslims – Sunni and against extremists (radical Islamists) and terrorism.

The great tribes of Libya included a list of the top 40 tribes as listed here:

Werfalla West part (Bani Walid, Tripoli, Sirte and Benghazi), Abeedi – East part, Wershfana, Ajeelat, Tarhouna, Seaan, Naweel, Magrhi, Agouri, Magarbi, Gutaan, Mniffi, Baraasi, Jawazi, Jarrari, Ourfa, Hassa, Durssa, Zuwyaa, Fakhri, Awlad Sheikh, Fyturi, Maadan, Gaddafi, Naweel, Awlad Suliman, Seyaan, Hasawana, Tawareg, Gawalish, Zentan, Mashashi, Amazeg, Zleetan Tribers, Ammami, Murabeteen, Tawarga, Masameer, Awlad Bu Seef and the Middle Tribes.

The tribes are stronger than before 2011 according to community cultures and traditions. All tribes in Libya with the exception of Misurata are against radical Islamists. There was a map of Libya provided, each tribe is numbered and location on map by number.

You must realize Werfalla has 2 million members so it is all over Libya. All tribes are mixed with husband from one tribe and wife from another, this family will be all the husbands tribe, but with strong connections to the wife’s tribe.

Many tribes are allied with the Werfalla tribe as it is the largest and the most pro “return to Jamahiriya” tribe. All the tribes want security brought back to Libya. Their main issue is with the militias now. The militias are the paid mercenaries of the UN/US/NATO. The problem they have in Tripoli (and everywhere) is that the people are suffering from lack of money, food, medicine, etc. It is easy to bribe people when they are suffering. Some of the tribal members have broken rank in the Wershafana tribe that controls the Tripoli area and have taken bribes to fight against their own brothers. These bribes are offered by the UN puppet government in Tripoli to keep the tribes from taking back Tripoli, the last stronghold of the illegal occupiers of Libya.

The destruction of the Libyan Dinar from 1.35 Dinar per dollar to 8 Dinar per dollar has caused incredible hardship in Libya. Not to mention suffering from destroyed infrastructure (electricity), lack of food and medicine and problems with clean water . All this created a foundation for the UN puppet government to bribe Libyan citizens to fight each other. What kind of so called government does this?

Hanne Herland: – The Libya war 2011 had a devastating effect on Libyan civilians. We have read how Tripoli lost both water and light for a long time. How is it in Libya today?

Official Spokesperson for the Libyan Tribes, JoAnne Moriarty: – As I stated above, the situation in Libya is very difficult and it is kept difficult on purpose. It is much easier to control people when they are suffering. These are just more war crimes being committed on the Libyan people by the West and other factions that would control Libya for their particular agendas. Once the NATO planes left the area, the criminal mercenaries and radical Islamists began to destroy other important infrastructure.

The Libyan International Airport was destroyed, the food and shopping markets were destroyed in Tripoli and other places. Gas lines and generators were destroyed, water lines contaminated, etc. I could go on and on, they have done their very best to completely destroy the developed part of the country.

Today, electricity is off and on, this is true for the entire country. If a person needs medical care they must pay in foreign cash, where before 2011 all medical was free for all Libyans.

Another problem is the banks will not release much cash to the people, just small amounts at a time. I was told that there are long lines lasting hours to days at the banks with people waiting to get some cash. All necessary items have become prohibitive in cost being 8 times the normal cost.


Militia leader and Libyan warlord, Haithem Al Tajouri.
Militia leader and Libyan warlord, Haithem Al Tajouri.


The Libyans continue to live under the threat of criminal militias and gangs, they must be ever vigilant for their safety. Many Libyans continue to live in exile because of these threats.

The tribes are working to clean their country of this rubbish as they call it, but it is difficult because the rubbish has weapons and money passed to them from the criminal governments holding Libya hostage using Libya’s money to keep it enslaved. But, the biggest problem is the nonstop flow of money, weapons and mercenaries into Libya, funded by the US/NATO military industrial complex and the CIA. While the legitimate Libyan National Army has been sanctioned by the UN against acquiring any weapons to defend the Libyan people.

Hanne Nabintu Herland, founder of The Herland Report: – To what degree would you blame the West and NATO? After all, Qatar and other Middle Eastern nations were very active in overthrowing Gaddafi too.

Official Spokesperson for the Libyan Tribes, JoAnne Moriarty: – I would have to say that the main blame would have to begin with the Fiat bankers (Khazarian Mafia) who use the US and NATO as their proxy armies to invade and destroy countries. The leaders of the US, UK, France, Israel, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey are all complicit with the bombing and destruction of Libya. The largest US military base


The French philosopher, Bernard Henri Levy was very actively lobbying for the NATO military coup in Libya, 2011.


in the world is in Qatar which is part of the Military Industrial Complex owned and controlled by the Khazarian Mafia Zionist bankers.
Qatar, Saudi and Turkey are openly supporting the criminals in Libya with weapons, money and mercenaries.

Qatar has stolen millions from Libya both in oil and assets. We are eye witnesses to the theft of gold from Libya by Qatar. When we were able to escape from Libya in 2011, we were put on a plane out of Benghazi. On that plane were some Qatar military officers. We know this because the Bahraini Prince that was with us recognised their accent and told us that they were from Qatar.

When we arrived in Tunis at the luggage collection, these Qatar soldiers collected 2 metal foot lockers that were so heavy it took 4 of them to lift one off the conveyor belt. One had a hole punched in the side and a couple gold buttons fell out.

This shows stolen Libyan gold that had been melted down to destroy the hallmark. Yes, you are correct, Qatar played a major role. They actually put barricades up in a certain areas of Libya with a large Qatar flag trying to say Qatar owned that part of Libya.

I would like to add that the Mossad played a role in the overthrow of Libya. This is not a subject discussed much but we do have proof of the Mossad on the ground in Libya in 2011. Also, the Libyan tribes gave us a document in 2011 written in Hebrew, that they received through their own intelligence.

This document signed and sealed allegedly is an agreement between the Mossad and the soon-to-be Libyan rebels. This document guaranteed money, weapons and training of the rebels until they gained control of Libya at which time they would allow Israel to build a permanent military base in the green mountain area of Libya.

Hanne Nabintu Herland, founder of The Herland Report: – The constant focus on the ICC and Saif al-Islam Gaddafi’s case seems to hypocritical to us. The role of the ICC seems to be only to indict Africans or Serbians. We never see any Western leader being taken to this court. Is the ICC being used politically to hinder the free democratic election in Libya? That they keep Saif al-Islam Gaddafi indicted because the ICC and Western powers know that Gaddafi would be elected as he has the support of the Libyan Tribes?

Official Spokesperson for the Libyan Tribes, JoAnne Moriarty: -Yes, true. The ICC is a political tool of the Khazarian mafia, they use it to control and or destroy. Saif al Islam is innocent of any war crimes. Those that are accusing him are the ones who actually committed the crimes. Their fear is that the Libyans will unite under Dr. Saif and they are right. The UN representative for Libya, Mr. Ghassan Salamé of Lebanon has formally stated that Saif is free to run for office in Libya.

The Libyans are all angry about the ICC and the tribes make no bones about the fact that the ICC has no say in Libya and they care nothing about its accusations. These are the same tired lies that were made about Ghadafi and have since been discredited many times over.

It is extremely obvious that the ICC has an agenda against Saif, but the reality is that they cannot control Libya. Not one Libyan has any respect for the ICC . They know that the same people that control the ICC are the same people that destroyed their country.

Hanne Herland: – Please give us an assessment of the situation on the ground in Libya now, focusing on the warlord issues in Tripoli and across the country. The civilian population seems to be living in complete fear of kidnappings, murders, citizens ending up in private jails for years without law and order. The Facebook pictures coming out of Libya show atrocities after atrocities done by local warlords.

Official Spokesperson for the Libyan Tribes, JoAnne Moriarty: – Libya is still not secure or safe. Libyans try to keep themselves inside away from these militias. The largest militia gang in Tripoli is run by Haithem Tajouri and is a gang of pure mercenaries. They are literally for hire. The latest hire was done by Serraj the leader of the UN puppet government when he gave Tajouri 50 million dollars (stolen from Libya) to attack the Wershafana tribe that holds the keys to Tripoli.


Libyan Islamic Fighting Group
Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), Al Qaida associated militia, pictured together with Western backed Al Serraj.


It has become clear to Serraj that he has no support in Tripoli and no control in Libya as evidenced by his last trip to Washington DC where he pleaded with Trump to guarantee his safety and his asset by military intervention.

Trump’s response was that he was fully aware of the ongoing blatant civil rights violations committed by Serraj and his militias against the Libyan people. He stated that he knew about corruption in Libya caused by Serraj’s leadership and that under no circumstances would the US commit to defend him nor any of his cronies.

In the East you now have Khalifa Haftar. Haftar was promised to the be the leader of Libya by the CIA (in the 1970’s) so he joined them against his country (he lived in the US for over 35 years at Langley, VA). He then was dropped into Libya by the CIA and led the 250,000 mercenaries against his county in 2011. There no tribes that back him and no Libyans would vote for him.

It is obvious with all these criminals and no police, the Libyan people pray for a real Libyan leader who will support them and bring security and hope. Most of the Libyans who joined the phony revolution (10% or less) now openly regret their actions and pray for a return to the great Jamahiriya.

Hanne Nabintu Herland: – What would be the path to peace in Libya, in your view? Is it possible to have free elections in the country? What is the role of Serraj at the moment, or Haftar?

Official Spokesperson for the Libyan Tribes, JoAnne Moriarty: – The path to peace in Libya is through the Libyan tribes, who are the Libyan people. The Libyan people have had no voice since 2010. The only ones speaking for the Libyans are puppets , terrorists or mercenaries. They never mention the great tribes of Libya. The Libyan tribes back Saif Al Islam as their leader. They know him as their brother who suffered with them through the war crimes, lies and destruction of their country. He understands the tribes like his father did and will work with the tribes to pull Libya together.

Also, the African Union has stepped up to back Saif Al Islam as the new leader of Libya. Serraj and Haftar have no role in Libya. Serraj is a puppet of the UN and a criminal. His government is full of LIFG member and other terrorists. He was not elected and not supported by the Libyan people.

He is desperate to hold his power and is making every attempt to steal the election if it means bribing militias to terrorize voting places. He could not be elected to anything in Libya. What legitimate leader would bribe people to attack their brothers and sisters?

Haftar’s dream is to be dictator of Libya. He knows he could not be elected dog catcher in Libya so he is terrorizing people to force them to vote for him, that failing he is now destroying voting equipment. Make no mistake, all events in Libya are constantly being watched by the Libyan tribes, nothing gets past them. They will take their country back.

Hanne Herland:What motivates you to spend so much time trying to help the Libyan people? They live so far from the USA, and Texas where you reside, you could have just forgotten about all of it and lived a great life in the US, without thinking about all their suffering.

 Official Spokesperson for the Libyan Tribes, JoAnne Moriarty: -I have to say that Libya touched my heart the first time that I visited it. But what happened to us in 2011 was life changing. We witnessed atrocities, crimes against humanity and war crimes on a scale that is unimaginable. We sat with the Libyans as the blood ran in the streets and we cried with them as their families and lives were destroyed.


Sheikh Ali Al Lahwel, supreme leader of all Libyan tribes and us summer, 2011.
Sheikh Ali Al Lahwel, supreme leader of all Libyan tribes and us summer, 2011.


It is hard to explain but when you go through something like that, you are forever bonded with those people. First it was anger at the evil and injustice but when you witness horrific events against humanity like we did, you cannot turn your back, you have to stand up and fight or you are just as bad as the evil you witnessed.

We have come to love Libya as our own. We consider Libyans are brothers and sisters and we will stand with them, speak out for them and will be with them as long as we are able. They have an ancient and beautiful culture, it is a rare jewel on the planet and it is endangered. We thank God we were put into Libya at a time when there were no eye witnesses by design.

Our task has been most difficult, we have been soft killed and black listed by our own government because we witnessed the war crimes they committed against Libya. Our business has been blocked, bank accounts taken, isolated from our friends, and family and our lives have been threatened by four US intelligence agencies. All of these events have steeled our resolve to see that the truth about what happened in Libya is exposed and hopefully in some small way we can help the Libyans regain control of their country and enjoy a peaceful, prosperous future.


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