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Who owns the world? An analysis on how the super-rich took it all – Tim Gielen

Bill Gates Warns of the Next Pandemic: Bill Gates and Partners Took Control Over Covid-19: Reuters

  Herland Report: Who owns the world? Watch the Tim Gielen documentary on how the super-rich amassed wealth during Covid-19 while hundreds of millions are plunging into poverty.      RELATED ARTICLES: Who owns the world? The Gates Vaccine Empire: Billions in transfer from the poor to the ultra-rich Bill Gates speech about “vaccines could reduce unsustainable population growth” Non-elected …

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Israel over 90 % vaccinated, yet hospitals are full of Covid patients

Israel over 90 % vaccinated: Helrand Report

  Herland Report: Israel over 90 % vaccinated: According to reports from Israel, the population there is 90% vaccinated and boostered with some on 4 jabs, and hospitals are full of Omicron patients and so many doctors and nurses are themselves sick that there is no one to care for the patients. What is going on? First of all, here …

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Big Pharma-Dependent Medical Professionals Are Hiding Facts on Covid Vaccine?

PCR tests were flawed Covid-19 pandemic scheduled to end March 1st? Shutterstock

  Herland Report: Medical Professionals Are Hiding Facts: In this 25 minute video Dr. Ryan Cole explains the adverse impact on the human body of the spike protein that is characteristic of both the Covid virus and the vaccine. Most people are not in serious danger from the virus. These people should not expose themselves to the danger of the vaccine, …

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How Big Pharma servant Anthony Fauci Controls Science Globally

How Big Pharma servant Anthony Fauci Controls Science: National

  Herland Report:  How Big Pharma servant Anthony Fauci Controls Science: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. succinctly summarizes how Dr. Anthony Fauci wields his power to control and manipulate science across the globe. It’s Fauci’s job to conduct research on chronic diseases to figure out their etiology and environmental causes to protect public health, but instead he turned the NIAID into …

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The Covid Deception Is a Power Grab

The Global Financial Revolution:The Covid Deception Is a Power Grab: Private Corporate Interests now Rule the World: US dollar

  Herland Report: The Covid Deception Is a Power Grab as the global ruling class or oligarchy used Covid-19 to seize power by declaring a state of global emergency: In a recent interview with Geopolitics & Empire, Hrvoje Moric asked me if there was an explanation for the uniformity of countries’ Covid policies with even the “free world” shutting down civil …

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Covid Fascism: The road Paved with Vaccine Mandates and Corporate Collusion

Death From COVID Shots: PAHO photo

  Herland Report: Covid Fascism: “Man is born free but everywhere is in chains.”—Jean-Jacques Rousseau We are moving fast down the road to fascism. This COVID-19 pandemic has shifted us into high gear. The heavy-handed collusion between the Techno-Corporate State and the U.S. government over vaccine mandates is merely the latest manifestation of the extent to which fascist forces are working to …

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Communism in America: Is it Terrorism to disagree with the Government?

Communism in America: Is it Terrorism and Punishable now to disagree with the Government?

  Herland Report: Communism in America: Notice how quickly American corporations have taken to the idea that they have the right to make deeply personal decisions for employees. It is no longer just US presidents, such as Bush and Obama, who claim authority to set aside our constitutional protections and throw us in prison and execute us without due process, private …

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CDC Now Lists Vaccinated Deaths as Unvaccinated

WHO Health Systems: Getty

  Herland Report: CDC Now Lists Vaccinated Deaths as Unvaccinated: While public health officials and mainstream media claim the COVID-19 pandemic is now “a pandemic of the unvaccinated,”1 we now know this claim is based on highly misleading statistics. In a July 16, 2021, White House press briefing,2 U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director Dr. Rochelle Walensky claimed that “over …

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Backlash on Mafia Big Pharma Covid approach: Governor Ron DeSantis Florida revolt

Backlash on Mafia Big Pharma Covid approach: DeSantis USNews

  Herland Report: Backlash on Mafia Big Pharma Covid approach: Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL): “The days of corporate media being able to smear people with impunity and conservatives do nothing, those days are over. I can tell you in Florida, we’re fighting back with the truth and we are going to hold you accountable when you are peddling false partisan narratives.” …

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Fentanyl Addiction Rehab Treatment – Research On Fentanyl Withdrawal Syndrome

Fentanyl Addiction Rehab Treatment: Victoria Walsh, Herland Report Getty

  Herland Report: Fentanyl Addiction Rehab Treatment: Fentanyl is a potent pain medication that is being manufactured synthetically for a deadly high and it’s causing havoc in American neighborhoods.  Fentanyl is a synthesized pain relief drug and a very powerful opioid that is much more potent than other drugs such as heroin and morphine. Doctors usually recommend fentanyl to treat acute …

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