COVID-19: Systemic corruption in Medical Organizations AFP ill

COVID-19: Systemic corruption in Medical Organizations


Long-standing systemic corruption in medical organizations and medical schools, federal regulatory agencies and academic journals has led to a world where pseudoscience and misinformation rules.

“Science for Hire,” produced by Gary Null, is a film that tackles some of the most critical scientific issues threatening the health and well-being of the U.S. public. Video Link.

Elected officials and the media are captured by the highest bidder, and those who dare speak out against the establishment are attacked, their careers often destroyed in the process, writes Dr. Joseph Mercola, the founder of An osteopathic physician, best-selling author and recipient of multiple awards in the field of natural health.

The film covers a wide range of topics — from corruption at Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) — an arm of the National Institutes of Health — to the opioid epidemic.

Set aside two hours to watch the film in its entirety for an eye-opening look at the dark side of the scientific, pharmaceutical and military industrial complexes.


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Science for Hire: In 2003, Gary Null, Ph.D., was a coauthor of the bombshell “Death by Medicine” article1 which described how the conventional American medical system had become the No. 1 leading cause of death and injury in the U.S., claiming the lives of nearly 783,936 people annually. Now, Null is the executive producer of “Science for Hire,” a film that tackles some of the most critical scientific issues threatening the health and well-being of the U.S. public.2

Due to long-standing systemic corruption in medical organizations and medical schools, federal regulatory agencies, and academic journals, “we enter a world where pseudoscience and misinformation rules.”3 Elected officials and the media are captured by the highest bidder, and those who dare speak out against the establishment are attacked, their careers often destroyed in the process.




COVID-19: Systemic corruption in Medical Organizations: There’s no separation between governments and the pharmaceutical industry which operate, the film notes, “in lockstep … to erect an unregulated global regime, a ‘Great Reset,’ that will dictate what we can eat, what medical interventions are permitted and banned, and the rewards and punishments that legislate our choices.”4

The film covers a wide range of topics — from corruption at Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) — an arm of the National Institutes of Health — to the opioid epidemic. I urge you to set aside two hours to watch the film in its entirety for an eye-opening look at the dark side of the scientific, pharmaceutical, and military industrial complexes.


US Medical System Captured by Big Pharma From the Start


COVID-19: Systemic corruption in Medical Organizations: Many of the most powerful health strategies cost nothing at all or can be implemented very inexpensively. Yet, not only are these natural strategies not taught in conventional medical schools, but if you go against the standard, pharmaceutical-based treatment options you can be challenged, reprimanded or have your medical license taken away.

This process ostracizing natural therapies began back in 1910 with the release of the Flexner Report, which was written in commission for the Carnegie Foundation.5 The Flexner Report essentially eliminated almost every form of natural medicine, because it was a competitor to the emerging class of pharmaceuticals, primarily derived from oil and petroleum products that John Rockefeller was behind.6

So Big Pharma’s infiltration of regulatory and public health agencies goes back more than 100 years to the creation of the Rockefeller Foundation in 1913. Just two years earlier, Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company had been ruled an unreasonable monopoly and split into 34 companies, which became Exxon, Mobil, Chevron, Amoco, Marathon and others.7

The breakup only served to increase Rockefeller’s wealth, however, and the foundation he created under his named was deemed “a menace to the future political and economic welfare of the nation.”

The Foundation, in partnership with Andrew Carnegie and educator Abraham Flexner, then set out to centralize U.S. medical schooling, orienting it to the “germ theory” of disease, which states that germs are solely responsible for disease and necessitates the use of pharmaceuticals to target said germs.

With that narrative in hand, Rockefeller financed the campaign to consolidate mainstream medicine, adopt the philosophies of the growing pharmaceutical industry and shutter its competition. Many don’t realize that today the Rockefellers own half of the pharmaceutical industry.

Rockefeller’s crusade caused the closure of more than half of U.S. medical schools, fostered public and press scorn for homeopathy, osteopathy, chiropractic, nutritional, holistic, functional, integrative and natural medicines, and led to the incarceration of many practicing physicians.8 The complete story can be found in Robert F. Kennedy’s book, “The Real Anthony Fauci.” As “Science for Hire” noted:9

“About 100 years ago, things were really beginning to change in the United States. We were changing from an agrarian economy to an industrial economy. Titans of industry really wanted to be able to control the world financial system as a whole. When the Rockefellers took over the allopathic medicine, there were many types of medical education in the United States.

There were homeopathic doctors and there were naturopathic doctors who were using natural medicines to heal, and they were having very good outcomes. Once the Rockefellers took over the system, they closed down those other schools and they only promoted the sale of their drugs. They promoted surgery and they promoted radiation.

The Rockefellers were also in charge of the oil industry and the chemical industry. And they also made an alliance with a huge German concern called IG Farben, which was a big chemical industry in Germany and the largest financier of the Nazi rise to power.”


‘In the 1930s, the FDA Became a Monster’


COVID-19: Systemic corruption in Medical Organizations:  Around the time the Rockefeller Foundation was building momentum, there were serious concerns with the meatpacking industry and the food industry in general. Unsanitary conditions at meatpacking plants were the norm, while poisonous preservatives and dyes were widely used in foods. Medications also made false “cure-all” claims and often included toxic ingredients.10

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration was started in the 1930s to address many of these pitfalls and “was sold to the people of the United States as an agency that was going to protect its food and drug supply,” the film noted.

“There was a lot of mischief going on in the food industry and the FDA was set up to correct that problem,” William Faloon, director of Life Extension Foundation, added. “They evolved into regulating drugs, medical devices and, at this point, they regulate just about anything that goes into the human body.”11

But by 1938, said Jonathan Emord, constitutional lawyer, and author of “Restore the Republic,” “the FDA became a monster. And from that point forward, it has grown by leaps and bounds until the ‘60s when it acquired jurisdiction over both safety and efficacy of drugs.” In 1938, under Franklin Roosevelt, the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act was passed, which gave the FDA authority to regulate medical devices and cosmetics and establish standards for foods.12

Basically, the FDA appointed itself as the expert. In 1962, an amendment was passed that expanded the FDA’s authority to not only regulate drug safety but also the effectiveness of new drugs. Emord continued, “At that point, the FDA was largely a captive of industry. The FDA does no clinical testing of drugs itself. It relies entirely on submissions made to it by the drug companies. This would appear to the average person to be a gross conflict of interest. And in fact, it is.”13

Leemon McHenry, Professor Emeritus, philosophy and bioethics, with California State University, Northridge, explained:14

“We need independent testing to take the clinical trials out of the hands of the pharmaceutical industry. This needs to be the responsibility of government and universities rather than the pharmaceutical industry testing their own products. It’s the proverbial fox guarding the henhouse. What we have is a corruption of the system. And it’s particularly alarming that the regulatory agencies of the government don’t do anything about it.”


AMA, WHO, NIH, CDC Controlled by Big Pharma


Systemic corruption in Medical Organizations: The American Medical Association only contributes to the corruption of the health care industry, as they sell lists to the drug industry revealing which drugs certain doctors are prescribing. Big Pharma can then reward doctors prescribing the most expensive medications. McHenry continued:15

“The oligarchy of corporations here has basically usurped cherished institutions of democracy, which involve checks and balances in the system but also scientific integrity. So who’s looking out for scientific integrity?”

Dr. Paul Marik, a critical care doctor formerly with Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in East Virginia, who is renowned for his work in creating the “Marik cocktail,” which significantly reduces death rates from sepsis using inexpensive, safe, generic medications,16 was interviewed in the film. He went so far as to call for Big Pharma to be removed from the equation entirely to protect public health worldwide:17

“WHO should be there to represent the interests of people on this planet. That’s what their job is. But unfortunately, the WHO, the NIH, CDC are so influenced by Big Pharma. So, I think, you know, we need to evolve to the point where Big Pharma gets removed from the equation. Big Pharma is the biggest contributor to lobbyists. They control the media; they control the press.

So, they have a stranglehold on free speech, scientific investigation, scientific integrity. I think COVID has brought up the worst in this respect. And I think it’s time that these organizations should go back to what the goal is, what the fundamental job is, to provide the best health to people on this planet. And that profiteering should not be driving this.”

The result is that scientific freedom and academic freedom are myths. “The NIH gets into contractual relationships with companies that, once they patent a drug, the NIH gets a certain amount of the revenue. They make a lot of money from these patented drugs and their development, including the vaccines,” Marik said.18

According to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the FDA gets 45% of its annual budget from the pharmaceutical industry, while WHO gets about half of its budget from private sources such as Big Pharma and its foundations. Further, the CDC owns 56 vaccine patents, and buys and distributes $4.6 billion in vaccines every year, amounting to more than 40% of its total budget.19 With this level of corporate capture, how can they have the public’s best interests at heart?


Opioid Epidemic Reveals Drug Industry’s True Motives


Systemic corruption in Medical Organizations: Over the last two to three decades, especially in the case of blockbuster drugs, McHenry explained, many medications have been sold where “the risk-benefit ratio is not in favor of taking the drug.”20 In many cases, people who shouldn’t have been taking drugs or vaccines in the first place ended up having serious adverse events after taking drugs or getting shots, like the HPV vaccine, they didn’t really need.

The opioid epidemic is a perfect example. Worldwide, 40.5 million people struggle with opioid dependence, a global prevalence of 510 cases per 100,000 people.21 Opioids have a very high rate of addiction, as they trigger your brain to release endorphins that not only relieve pain but also create feelings of pleasure and well-being.

As the good feelings wear off, the craving to recreate them by taking more pills can be strong, but soon tolerance develops and an even higher dose is needed to get the same feel-good boost.

Using opioids for as few as five days increases the risk of long-term use,22 and many people who start out taking the drugs for back pain or other chronic pain end up addicted. An estimated 21% to 29% of people prescribed opioids for chronic pain misuse them and 8% to 12% develop an opioid use disorder. Many also transition to using heroin; an estimated 80% of heroin users misused prescription opioids first.23

Unfortunately, opioids continue to be prescribed in cases where less addictive medications could be used instead. And patients are often kept in the dark about the drugs’ true addictive nature, believing they’re safe since they’re prescribed by a doctor. From October 2019 to October 2020, there were 91,862 estimated overdose deaths in the U.S., which represents a 30% increase in 12 months.24

Opioids, including oxycodone, hydrocodone and morphine, accounted for most deaths — 68,399 — followed by synthetic opioids, such as fentanyl and tramadol.25 Purdue Pharma, manufacturer of OxyContin, and its owners the Sackler family, will pay up to $12 billion as part of a settlement with 23 states for their responsibility in starting — and sustaining — the opioid epidemic.26,27

This is just one example. Other blockbuster drugs, like Vioxx and statins, have also been implicated in adverse reactions, including deaths, and their makers convicted of fraudulent marketing.28


COVID-19 Pandemic: The Culmination of Censorship and Control


 The second half of the film details the widespread censorship and corruption that occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic. While effective treatments were downplayed and those who attempted to use them ostracized from their professions, COVID-19 shots were foisted upon the population, including children — a population at little risk from the virus and high risk of harm from the shots.

Research showed concerning effects of COVID-19 shots, including myocarditis, decreases in fertility, risk of miscarriage and changes to women’s menstrual cycles. As pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson stated, “If there are fertility issues as a consequence of this, it could be the most grotesque mistake ever made in medical history.”29 Dr. Richard Fleming, a physicist, nuclear cardiologist and attorney, also explained:30

“The research done by independent researchers have shown that there is damage to the brains and other body organs caused by these viruses and these vaccines that are called prion diseases. So, you can have mad cow disease in the brain or Alzheimer’s in the brain or amyloid disease in the heart, which is another type of prion disease.

But the studies done by people doing the research on the animals have been very clear and very consistent. Prion diseases, inflammation and blood clotting … and real concerns about miscarriages and other health problems and deaths. None of this has been done by Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen or the other companies.”

Cancer is also a possibility, with doctors stating that their patients have come out of remission after years shortly after receiving the shots. “We have so many fundamental questions in biology right now that need to be answered. And this isn’t in a petri dish. These products are in 5 billion human beings now,” noted Jessica Rose, a data analyst and postdoctoral researcher.31


Paving the Way for Global Control


Systemic corruption in Medical Organizations: At this point, even though WHO is not qualified to make global health decisions, it is attempting to seize control over global pandemic monitoring and response via the development of a new pandemic treaty. As reported by Ben Swann of Truth in Media:32

“The WHO is on track to get nearly all Western countries to sign on to this agreement on pandemic preparedness that would grant the WHO absolute power over global biosecurity such as the power to implement digital identities, vaccine passports, mandatory vaccinations, travel restrictions globally, standardized medical care and so much more.

This treaty includes 190 countries and would be legally binding. If a pandemic is declared, the WHO takes over the global health management of the pandemic. What’s more here, the WHO would be in full control over what gets called a pandemic. They can dictate how doctors can respond, which drugs can and cannot be used or which vaccines are approved. And this is for the entire globe, not just one country.”

Bill Gates is also building a pandemic response team for the WHO, dubbed the “Global Epidemic Response & Mobilization,” or GERM, Team. This team will be made up of thousands of disease experts under WHO’s purview and will monitor nations and make decisions about when to suspend civil liberties to prevent spread of an illness.33

Swann continued, “Bill Gates has announced the creation of a pandemic German team that will monitor sovereign nations and decide when they need to suspend civil liberties, force people to wear masks and to close borders. According to Gates, the global team will be made up of some 3,000 disease experts under WHO purview and will receive around $1 billion per year in funding.”34

All these efforts — the orchestration of health agencies captured by industry, gain-of-function research, media manipulation, the downfall of scientific credibility, propaganda and the creation of “pandemic preparedness” treaties — are intended to culminate in one thing — the enabling of global power. “It is a new vehicle for exerting global economic and political power,” the film notes. “This is the reality that’s behind all this and we need to wake up.”35


 Sources and References:


About the author

Dr. Joseph Mercola is the founder of An osteopathic physician, best-selling author and recipient of multiple awards in the field of natural health, his primary vision is to change the modern health paradigm by providing people with a valuable resource to help them take control of their health.
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