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American Education: Child Indoctrination to hate what made America great is killing the nation

Child Indoctrination: Aurora by Odd Nerdrum

  Child indoctrination: Seemingly overnight, a large segment of America has gone insane. We’re not talking about the culture of paranoia and safety that has metastasized in the wake of COVID-19 hysteria. We’re talking about the ideological shift, particularly on cultural issues, that has occurred since the start of the Obama Administration, writes Sam Jacobs, the lead writer and chief historian …

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The Frankfurt School: How Neo-Marxism Came to Dominate Western Thinking

The Frankfurt School: Herbert Marcuse, Getty

Herland Report: The Frankfurt School: The dramatic cultural shift away from historical, Western values has not happened randomly. Just as novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand commented in a University of Michigan interview, philosophers determine history. They lay out the ideologies that form the basis for cultural development and outline values that are to be considered popular in society. Precisely this has …

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Color revolutions George Soros and how he pays Loyal Followers

Color revolutions George Soros:Politicl Herland Report

  Herland Report: Color revolutions George Soros: Of course you’ve heard the name “George Soros,” often invoked as a sort of folk demon on the American and international right, it’s likely that you have some vague notion of why you think he’s a bad guy, or maybe you think the whole thing is a bunch of hype. However, if you’re …

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Cultural Marxism Origins: How its Disciples Subverted America

Crime and Refuge by Odd Nerdrum, foreword by Hanne Nabintu Herland. The Golden Cape, Odd Nerdrum

  Herland Report: You may have heard the terms Cultural Marxism, Critical Theory or Frankfurt School bandied about. And while you might have an intuitive approximation of what these terms mean for America in the 21st century, there’s a good chance that you don’t know much about the deep theory, where the ideology comes from, and what it has planned for America – and the world. …

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Ny bok ute i USA “New Left Tyranny” om 68ernes partnerskap med grovkapitalismen – Hanne Nabintu

The Herland Report newsletter: Hanne Nabintu Herland: Sjokkmøte med intolerante nymarxister Herland Report

  Herland Report: Ny bok ute i USA og i 60 land internasjonalt fra bestselgende forfatter, Hanne Nabintu Herland om hvordan 1968erne ble det nye tyranniserende borgerskapet. New Left Tyranny (kjøp den på Amazon for Europa her) lanseres midt i coronakrisen, og omtaler et USA midt i en politisk borgerkrig med rasisme, etniske stridigheter, korrupsjon og uorden på et historisk …

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Ny-marxismens 68er feminisme ødela kvinnedagen, sier Hanne Nabintu

Ny-marxismens kvinnefiendtlige 68er feminisme ødela kvinnedagen - Hanne Nabintu Steffen Aaland

Herland Report: Ny-marxismens kvinnefiendtlige 68er feminisme ødela kvinnedagen: Kvinnedagen ble ødelagt av den ny-marxistiske, kvinnefiendtlige 1968’er feminismen som innbiller kvinnen at hun er svak, diskriminert og hatet av menn. Studentrevolusjonen på 1960-tallet førte til den kulturadikale bølgen som hater alt som heter tradisjonelle europeiske verdier. Dens ledere foreskrev diskriminering av majoriteten som middel for å kue nasjonen til lydighet under …

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Book The Billionaire World Hanne Nabintu Herland How Marxism Serves the Elite