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Geopolitical shift to the East


Geopolitical shift to the East: Russia takes its Corona leave during Holy week. People are off anyway. The country just included its belief in God in its constitution. Putin announced Russian billionaires will pay for the extra days off.

The role of Russia is interesting, as Russia’s “no” in the OPEC+ meeting with Saudi Arabia had detrimental consequences, plunging the oil price to yet another low in addition to the massive impact from the massive Corona-19 lock down of the world, estimated to be between 12-15 million barrels in reduced oil demand per day.

The US shale oil industry needs an break-even oil price of around 60 USD a barrel, Russia only needs around 20 USD a barrel and the nation is almost debt free, according to analysts.

Putin runs an economy on the rise, though also suffering somewhat from the low oil price, but definetely less that the US and Saudi, being more self supplied with goods after decades of sanctions implemented by the US.

Even Putin probably did not expect what he sees roll out throughout the world. His “no” to the OPEC+ added quite the flair to the crisis.




Students of Alexander Suvorov the last Generalissimo of the Russian Empire are hard to beat in the long run. Both Napoleon and Hitler learned it. “Never march on Moscow”. They rather burn to the ground their own prime assets than be ruled by foreigners.

To watch how president Trump is sweet talking the President of the Russian Federation is a remarkable sight that marks a further step in the geopolitical shift towards the East.

Russia had its full back exposed during glasnost, Western and Eastern oligarchs looting the nation. Putin was the leader that stopped it and regained Russian control over Russian assets.

Corruption, elitism, domestic low income levels still plagued the mastodonte nation, yet on a lower level than before.

Since the glasnost “freedom”, Russia has paid back much of its debt to IMF and Western institutions, strengthening the national economy, buying gold like there is no tomorrow and funding a mass rearmament of the military.

They recently added to the constitution that Russia is a nation that believes in God and the heterosexual marriage between man and woman.

Russia has the past twenty or more years shifted from being an atheist state to now over 70 % of its people belonging to the Russian Orthodox Church.

Flocking to national values, ethical foundations, strengthening cultural and historical heritage, Russia is founded on completely other values than the atheist, hedonist West.

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