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PODCAST: Norway Resurging National Identity


Herland Report Podcast host, Hanne Herland speaks with Helge Lurås, chief editor of the Norway news agency Resett about the media, immigration, national sovereignty, Russia and the faltering EU.

“Our media is a reflection of the established paradigm which is not so credible anymore,” says Lurås.

sound cloudHe speaks about the European revolt against borderless societies, the illiberal politically-correct mainstream media and the current political elites who do not seem to serve the interest of the people.

Lurås believes new paradigms are inevitable, world views that will strengthen national identity and historical, religious European roots. His argument is that too many are aware of the misleading information from the globalist media houses.

We address the break-up of Europe and the forces behind Brexit, the surprising rise of Donald Trump and the mainstream media war on his presidency, the demonization of Russia which mainly hurts Europe and other current issues.


Lurås says: “The mainstream media is probably the last entity to adjust to the new realities, and they cling to the old paradigms, hoping that the realities of the world will go away. But they won’t.”

“We now see an opposition against the established politicians, established media from the populations in the US, Europe and other parts of the world.”


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