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Happy Easter! We join the Orthodox celebrations of the Easter Message of hope to the World


Herland Report: Happy Easter! We join the Orthodox celebrations of the Easter Message of hope to the World: The Orthodox Christian world in the Middle East as well as within many other countries now celebrate Easter, as the holy fire ascended in the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

Patriarch Theophilos III led the celebrations as the fire was transported to other Orthodox nations.

The crowds cheer inside the Holy Sepulchre church, which is built on the site where Jesus cross once stood, known as the place of Golgatha for Protestants. The honorable Patriarch Theophilos III brought the fire from within the church out to the cheering crowds.


The Orthodox world represents the early Christian fellowships
The Orthodox world represents the early Christian fellowships at the very birthplace of Jesus Christ and spread to the regions around it. The cultural context is different from that of the Western Christendom, yet the Orthodox have retrained much of the original version with all the litterature of the saints who lived in the years after Jesus’ death.


Happy Easter! We join the Orthodox celebrations of the Easter Message of hope to the World: RT writes: The Holy Fire appeared in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem on Great Saturday, at Orthodox Easter

Orthodox Christians believe that once a year, blue light emits from the tomb of Jesus Christ deep inside the church. It then turns into a flaming column, which the clerics use to light candles in order to pass the fire to the pilgrims.




The ceremony, which symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus, usually gathers tens of thousands of worshipers, but in 2020, it was marred by the harsh coronavirus measures. Last year, when Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilos III emerged from the building carrying the flame, the courtyard was largely empty, with only a few clerics in face masks and Israeli police officers attending.

This time, the ‘miracle’ was witnessed by a much larger crowd, as Israel has eased restrictions on gatherings in recent months, following a record vaccination drive which has seen more than half of the population vaccinated against Covid-19.

The Holy Fire is flown to a dozen countries, including Greece, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, and Georgia.




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