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How Russia left Communism and embraced Russian Conservatism

Glenn Diesen: How Russia left Communism and embraced Russian Conservatism, Herland Report

  Herland Report: How Russia left Communism: Glenn Diesen’s book Russian Conservatism examines how Russia after a century of experimenting with communism and liberalism, has returned to its long conservative history, which dominated before 1917. BUY the book here or here. The Cold War continues to dominate the West’s analysis and understanding of Russia. From 1917 to 1991, Russia was interpreted …

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Exclusive: The story of how Russia turned to Conservatism / Glenn Diesen

The rise of Russia: Herland Report

  Herland Report: How may we better understand Russia? Professor Glenn Diesen’s intriguing book, Russian Conservatism discusses Russia’s turn from Atheism to Conservatism, highlighting the country’s return to its history before 1917. Read the exclusive excerpts below. While the steadily weakened West is rapidly moving away from its historical roots, Russia seems to better recall how Communism ended and now …

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Norwegian Conference on Crimea in a geopolitical perspective – People Diplomacy Norway

Norwegian Conference on Crimea: Hendrik Weber, People Diplomacy Norway, Herland Report

  Herland Report: Norwegian Conference on Crimea: People Diplomacy Norway (Folkediplomati Norge) will hold a new conference with the theme “Crimea in a geopolitical perspective” that will elucidate the geopolitical changes in our relationship with Russia. Speakers will include Mikail Solomentsev, who is representing Dr. G. Muradov, Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea, as well as Norwegian professor, Glenn Diesen, author Lars Birkelund …

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Marxism produces Slavery: The Atheist Soviet Experience

American Totalitarianism: Soviet Atheist Repression: Herland Report

  Herland Report: Marxism produces Slavery: As Americans turn to Marxism in the hope of a better and more just world, the Soviet experience is worth revisiting. Submerged in atheist state control, the Soviet media propaganda penetrated society, idealizing the Communist teaching that Marxism would bring happiness and peace to all. Central to the Communist ideology was the idea that traditional …

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Ny viktig bok av Glenn Diesen om oppblomstringen av russisk konservatisme

Glenn Diesen new book Russian Conservatism. Managing change under Permanent Revolution.

  Herland Report: Professor Glenn Diesens siste bok Russian Conservatism beskriver hvorledes konservatismen nå returnerer til Russland etter et århundre med eksperimentering med sosialisme og liberalisme. Kjøp den her og lær mer om Russlands og vårt nabolands utvikling. Konservatisme er ideen om organisk vekst som tilsier at utvikling og modernisering må bygge på fortiden og særegne tradisjoner. Konservatisme har en …

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The Return of Russian Conservatism after Century of Socialism – Liberalism: Important book by Glenn Diesen

Glenn Diesen new book Russian Conservatism. Managing change under Permanent Revolution.

  Herland Report: An important book by professor Glenn Diesen – Russian Conservatism. Managing change under Permanent Revolution gives new insight into Russian conservatism which is making a forceful return after a century of experimenting with socialism and liberalism. BUY it here! Conservatism is about managing change by ensuring that modernization evolves organically by building on the past. Conservatism has …

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