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Afghanistan displays the United States as a Failed State unable to protect its own


Herland Report: The United States as a Failed State: As the United States seemingly flees Afghanistan in what is deemed “Saigon on steroids,” America demonstrates to the whole world its inability to protect its own citizens, the decadent state of its military, the utter failure of the neo-con push to “end extremist Islamism,” the sad display of President Biden, as China and Russia must be overjoyed to see this once great nation fail.

The U.S. failure in Afghanistan – whether leaving the continuation to private armies or not – turns the tide towards Russia and China in much the same way that the battle of Aleppo turned the tide in the Syria war.

As the horrifying U.S. loss of face in Vietnam glaringly comes to mind, questions remain on whether the U.S. really is pulling back, or if the now mainstream media show merely is the beginning of a new round of warfare.

The taking over of American private mercenary armies – with forefront very successful private contractor Eric D. Prince – Blackwater, Academi and more – has long been a trend.

Standing government armies are under martial law accountable to military ethics, body bags requiring military funerals, inefficient and bureaucratic military systems, constantly under public scrutiny and in need for extensive funding and so on.

The work of private contractor armies, still funded by U.S. taxpayers, are much less visible in the public, mainstream terrain. And not to be held accountable to generals, military leaders, martial ethics and so on.

What happens to the extremely lucrative heroin production in the country that is said to produce around 90 % of the world consumption? Are the Americans simply leaving all that money behind, handing the control of this lucrative trade peacefully over to the Taliban?

Robert McNamara summed up why Vietnam became such a failure, warning in the documentary The Fog of War against the danger of idealizing one party in a civil war in a country far from where you have the know-how and competence on local issues.

As the U.S. is now focusing on its domestic search for “domestic terrorists” – close to being defined as white supremacists, Trump-supporters, the un-vaccinated and those critical of the current US government, turning the war on its own population is yet another sad display of American decadence.

To watch a formerly great nation fall on such epic level is a baffling study of corruption, incompetence, billionaire greed, lack of integrity and the absence of sane minds, becomes a reminder of the epic fall of the Roman Empire.

Kabul fell in a public display of American absence – and maybe a willful so, judging from the seemingly total lack of American troops firing back – as not even American allies reportedly were protected as the airport descended into chaos.  The mainstream media broadly covered how “Taliban won” the almost 20 year fight between the U.S. and allies, little is said of the rising focus on private armies taking over the job once done by the American army.


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The United States as a Failed State:  Afghanistan is set to benefit from the new Silk Road Belt being hailed as China’s gateway to dominion in Western Asia, strengthening the geopolitical shift towards the East. The West is, as everyone knows, embroidered with conflicts between subgroups in society, the EU’s greatest effort currently being placed on LGBT rights for individuals in Hungary.




The United States as a Failed State:  To cite Wall Street Journal, in its description of the fall of Kabul as power returns to the Taliban Afghans who are now to govern their own nation for the first time in many years, very much helped by the Russians and Chinese, one may strongly assume:

“The lucky few were already inside, crowded onto the last patch of government territory that hadn’t fallen to the Taliban. Outside, as thousands of civilians surged to break through the perimeter of Hamid Karzai International Airport, security forces fired gunshots into the air to force them back. Afghanistan was falling and hundreds of civilians struggled to get on board the few remaining planes waiting to carry people to safety.”

The Taliban was quick to announce amnesty for all government workers, urging women to apply for government jobs. 


The United States as a Failed State: Also check out these topics at CNN or FOX News. Other sources may be New York TimesUSA Today, the Washington Post or from the British angle, BBC, The Guardian, The Telegraph or Financial Times.

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