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Brutally Ruthless Marxism: A study of Karl Marx, founder of Communism and Socialism


Karl Marx (1818-1883) prescribed bloody revolution and the total destruction of modern society as the path to a better future.

Brutally Ruthless Marxism: A study of Karl Marx: Only after society as we know it was destroyed, a utopian, godless classless society would descend upon the earth in a system where traditional morality and code of honor was abolished.

Marx, regarded as the founder of communism and socialism describes in The Communist Manifesto (1848) the two-step process to achieve this goal. The first phase of communism was socialism, writes historian of comparative religions and author, Hanne Nabintu Herland.

In the socialist system, people would temporarily retain private property rights and paid jobs yet be tightly controlled by the socialist state rulers.

Since socialism seems to be immensely popular at American colleges today, at universities, publishing houses, dominating the United States’ politically correct media, it is well worth studying its founding father.


Brutally Ruthless Marxism: A study of Karl Marx: Hanne Nabintu Herland
Brutally Ruthless Marxism: A study of Karl Marx: New Left Tyranny author, bestselling Scandinavian author, Hanne Herland is a regular contributor to the leading Conservative outlets in the United States. The book is available on USA Amazon, UK Amazon here . «This is a remarkable book by a remarkable person. Excellent work.” Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, leading American political economist


Brutally Ruthless Marxism: A study of Karl Marx: The second phase of Marx’ communism was a society in which all private property is expropriated by the state and “you will own nothing and be happy.”

The quote is taken from the notorious World Economic Forum video predicting our future by 2030.

Here production and distribution of goods will be tightly controlled by a small elite on behalf of the working class, individualism will be abolished – as seen in the communist Soviet Union – religion and traditional beliefs forbidden, dissent or critical thinking illegal. The state elite will own everything.




Brutally Ruthless Marxism: “Communism abolishes all religion and all morality,” as Marx writes with his friend, Friedrich Engels in the manifesto. It thereby defines itself as the nemesis of Judeo-Christian thought. Its socialist aim was “the forcibly overthrow of all existing social conditions, a revolution that cares as little about the human lives it destroys an as earthquake cares about the houses it ravages.”

This was to be done by “the ruthless criticism” of every aspect of Western culture. Traditional virtues, the ideal of honesty, trustworthiness, reliability, free speech and individual rights were thereby proclaimed the enemy.

In Who was Karl Marx?, investigative journalist, James Simpson analyses the life of this brute and his leading progressive followers. It is a shocking, shocking tale of brutality, ruthlessness, desire for mass murder, hatred of our culture and in particularly of human kind – most certainly not caring for the working class or the poor, merely using them to accomplish their own, selfish goals.

It is astounding to read about the life of bourgeoisie Karl Marx who came from a wealthy family, the disgusting man whose ideology is at the heart of left-wing progressivism so popular today.

Brutally Ruthless Marxism: A study of Karl Marx: Marx’ hatred and contempt for society is remarkably appalling, calling blacks “idiots” and the N-word, labelling Slavs as “ethnic trash”, calling the working class whom he professed to care about “stupid boys, asses, rogues”, hating Jews although he was one himself, all the while supporting slavery in America.

This was a man who was constantly in debt and unemployment, unable to support his family, who openly advocated for the theft of other people’s private property.

He dreamt of wandering godlike and victorious through the ruins of the world, after his society-crushing revolution, “feeling equal to the Creator”, as he puts it. How on earth did such a despicable, deplorable man become the hero of the progressive Left?

Marx had no working experience in the real world, his economic theories detached from reality ended up enslaving almost half the world, in a system where the ruthless “centralization of power and wealth in the hands of the top leaders of the state” enhanced bloody persecution against everyone who disagreed with them.

As I pointed out in my book New Left Tyranny. The authoritarian destruction of our way of life, Marx portrayed himself as a fighter for the lower-classes, yet introduced a system in which the state would take over the role of the feudal lords and completely deprive the worker of the ownership of his revenues.

All his income was to be expropriated by the state, in a Marxist system where the hereditary class was replaced by a new ruling Marxist class.

While pretending to be the saviors of the world, the Marxist class was to become the new lords who controlled everyone and harassed, belittled, disrespected, incarcerated whoever they did not like and in the case of millions in the Holocaust and Gulag concentration camps’, exterminated them.

Simpson quotes John P. Roche, councilor to Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson: ”Marxist-Leninism is .. an operational code for a new-styled mafia, far more interested in finding a rationale for seizing or wielding power than in liberating prisoners of starvation or the wretched of the earth.”

It all stems from the source: Karl Marx and his dark and malevolent view of us all.




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