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People do not realize how close America is to collapse – Gerald Flurry

Insouciance Destroyed America: Gerald Flurry

  America’s government has never been so awash in scandal. Fresh stories of allegations, accusations and investigations are coming so fast that many Americans are tuning out most of it. But the drama unfolding in Washington today is something you cannot afford to ignore. We are witnessing a government—and a nation—on the verge of collapse. In fact, all this shocking …

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An historical overview: United States and Venezuela, the country with the largest oil reserves in the world

United States and Venezuela, the country with the largest oil reserves in the world Herland Report

  Herland Report: It has increasingly become more difficult for the United States to get away with the so-called “regime change” all around the world. The internett media increased criticism, bringing a variety of views and perspectives, makes it steadily harder for the elite owned US mainstream media to retain control over the narrative. Read the overview of the United …

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Russia Gate goes down in history as a remarkable display of American stupidity

Hanne Nabintu Herland Report

  In a Fort Russ News article, Hanne Herland writes: In case anybody wonders, we look like idiots to the Russians, not even being able to stop this embarrassing story of lies before. Judicial Watch’ president, Tom Fitton describes Russia Gate as a Deep State coup attempt, an ongoing mutiny against the people’s choice for President in the United States. …

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Globalist’ media wants to Stop National Security #Trump Speech

Will we see a Military Coup in the US? Trump and the Military Complex. President-Donald-Trump-2019-State-of-the-Union-address-UPI-pelosi

  Herland Report: What we are witnessing is a historic show down of power between the New World Order globalist, transnational elite and the Old World Order that wants to retain national borders and the sovereignty of nations. Herland Report: To break it down: Immediately after the President Trump’s speech on the border wall, escalating a stand-off with Congress, the …

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Could Muammar Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam Solve Libya? Hanne Nabintu, Foreign Policy

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi for Presidency. Salf al Islam Gaddafi Libya Newsweek

  Foreign Policy Journal:Libya remains a dysfunctional state largely due to failed American policy. Herland Report: The 2011 Obama/Clinton support to Al Qaida affiliated groups in order to oust Muammar Gaddafi heavily backfired, with ISIS now profiting from the massive wave of immigration, which also destabilizes Europe. First published February, 2017 in Foreign Policy Journal. President Trump has a unique chance …

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Trump-Putin Summit 2018: Russia and the U.S. are on board to limit Iran’s military presence in Syria – Zev Shafets, Bloomberg

Det vulgære Norge: Herland Report banner

  Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu is enjoying a triumphal moment. He didn’t attend the Helsinki summit between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, of course, but he certainly felt he was represented there writes Zev Shafets at Bloomberg. “I think we really came to a lot of good conclusions, a really good conclusion for Israel,” Trump told interviewer Sean Hannity …

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Russia and the US are not condemned to confrontation – Mikhail Gorbachev

Russia and the US are not condemned to confrontation - Mikhail Gorbachev

I welcome all who have gathered to mark the thirtieth anniversary of President Ronald Reagan’s visit to Moscow and the US-Soviet summit. I think it was a truly historic event. It was a kind of summing up of the work we had done, starting in Geneva and then going through Reykjavik and Washington to Moscow, states former president of the Soviet …

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A more balanced view on Trump-Putin – Gordon Hahn

A more balanced view on Trump-Putin - Gordon Hahn

  Herland Report: The Trump-Putin summit was successfully delayed by the liberal Washington, deep state network. By the time, Trump fought his way free from the morass of the collapsing ‘Russiagate’ investigation, relations were so bad that Putin rejected Trump’s invitation to the White House and agreed to meet in neighboring Finland, writes Gordon M. Hahn in the original publication, later …

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Norge finansierer Syria milits forkledd som bistand – Eva Thomassen

Norge finansierer Syria milits: Reuters

  Norge finansierer Syria milits: I dette intervjuet med krigsreporter og sosiolog, Eva Thomassen, forteller hun fra sin siste Syria reise.  “Tenk over hva vi egentlig driver med i Midtøsten. 500 millioner dollar brukte USA på å trene terrorister til å bli enda bedre trent, enda dyktige i å slåss mot den syriske hæren,” sier Thomassen. Se et av Herland …

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Paul Craig Roberts St. Petersburg Economic Forum Conference Speech

Worse Financial Crisis than in 2008: The notion of White Privilege is one of the most absurd fantasies in human history paul craig roberts

  This is the lecture I would have given if I had been able to accept the invitation to address the St. Petersburg Economic Conference in Russia this weekend, writes Dr.Paul Craig Roberts, one of the leading American political economists and a regular contributor at The Herland Report. Read exclusive articles and watch interviews here, and here, and here. If the …

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