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Kanye West, Hitler and the Left’s NAZI ideology


The famous musician, Kanye West recently declared his admiration for Adolf Hitler in an interview with Alex Jones. West said that he sees good things about Hitler whom he likes for his “redeeming qualities”, as he questioned the Holocaust.

And of late, he been very angry at Jewish Hollywood leaders and reportedly Jews in general, writes historian of comparative religions, author and founder of The Herland Report, Hanne Nabintu Herland at WND.

The Left’s NAZI ideology: So, what did Hitler stand for? German elitist nationalism coupled with socialism was the National Socialism ideology that dominated the German democracy prior to World War II.

NAZI is the abbreviation for “Nazionalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei”, namely the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. The name itself declares it a socialist movement.


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The Left’s NAZI ideology: The Nazi Party stood for a strong centralization of government, a rigid culture of consensus, few individual liberties and strict media censorship and a remarkably strong use of propaganda.

Simply by observing the old photographs of the multitudes greeting Hitler with Nazi salutes, one gets a glimpse into the immense group-think social pressure.

You were not allowed to keep your hand down. Everyone were to have the same political opinion, different opinions were not permitted, the only accepted view was that of the ruling Nazi elites.




Today, few sew seem to recall that the Nazi party was left-wing socialism. Among many, author Jonah Goldberg has pointed this out in his book Liberal Fascism.

“It is now clear beyond all reasonable doubt that Hitler and his associates believed they were socialists, and that others, including democratic socialists, thought so too. The title of National Socialism was not hypocritical. The evidence before 1945 was more private than public, which is perhaps significant in itself,” writes The Independent.

Communism, Socialism and National Socialism were all influenced by the same root-ideology, which was very popular in Europe at the time. Hitler fought against Stalin’s Russia and referred to Communism as the enemy, yet pure Marxist thinking influenced both ideologies.

Hitler steadily spoke about the importance of the Socialist approach in National Socialism, as the solution for Germany. Albert Speer: His battle with truth, written by the remarkable Austrian-British journalist, Gitta Sereny is described by Financial Times as “an essential experience that conveys like no other book the qualities of the Nazi elite.”

It tells the story as remembered by one of Hitler’s confidantes, Hitler’s Minister of Armaments, who came to openly regret the wrongdoings and admit his guilt. He was one of the few at the Nuremberg Trials to acknowledge responsibility for the Nazi war crimes, yet still, he maintained that he knew nothing of the Holocaust.

Hermann Rauschning, who knew the German Chancellor personally, told of Hitler’s deep appreciation of the pre-Christian religion and wrote in Hitler Speaks: A Series of Political Conversations with Adolf Hitler On His Real Aims that Hitler felt profoundly indebted to the Marxist tradition.

The Left’s NAZI ideology: Hitler said that his differences with Communists were more tactical, stating that National Socialism itself was based on Marxism. “I have learned a great deal from Marxism” he said, “as I do not hesitate to admit.” The Rauschning work was first published in 1939 and has been thoroughly researched since.

Yet, Hitler deviated from Marxism in its original form by accentuating the importance of racial heritage. He also emphasized nationalism – the belief in the fatherland, rather than “the internationalist proletariat,” the classical Marxist ideal of a borderless society.

Rauschning quotes Hitler: “We must be brutal. We must regain a clear conscience about brutality. Only then can we drive out the tenderness from our people … I naturally have the right to destroy millions of men of inferior races who increase like vermin … Yes, we are barbarians. We want to be barbarians. It is an honorable title.”

Hitler also spoke, as stated in the memoires of his friend Otto Wagener Hitler: Memoires of a Confidant, of the importance of the evolution from individualism to socialism, of killing individualism and creating a socialist state without revolutions such as that of Lenin, which turned the Russian people into the group-think controlled masses:

“What counts is to establish new laws and new authority in place of old traditions. If this is not done, they will find that the road to socialist reconstruction will not be traveled according to plan and peaceably, but that the revolution will topple these pillars, bringing down the structure of individualism,” and “that’s precisely the problem we have set out to solve: to convert the German Volk to socialism without simply killing off the old individualists, without destruction of property and values.”

As bloody revolution would kill the educated bourgeoisie, Hitler wished to enforce a National Socialist state without removing the elites. His slogan “Crusade against Marxism” may be understood in this light.

Noteworthy, the German industrial elites supported Hitler and jointly pushed for both government and private capital to strengthen the Nazi German project.

It has been quite an accomplishment by the Left to hide the fact that Hitler was socialist. Therefore, what exactly Kanye West means by offering his admiration for this man, remains to be explained.


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The level of censorship in social media and search engines is all-time high. Do like thousands of others, subscribe to The Herland Report newsletter here!

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