The Panic of Corona may be the element that brings about major restructuring of ownership: Hanne Herland Report,

Robert L. Preston “Wake-up America” tells of planned economic failure, the super-rich’ plan to erode your Freedoms


Herland Report: A planned economic failure and a new Constitution is part of a plot by the superrich to rule America and the world, wrote Robert L. Preston in 1972.

The book Wake-up America. It is later than you think! was brought to our attention by a reader, the book is currently unavailable at Amazon. 

Its topic is a careful and detailed analysis of Capitalism Financing Communism in America and engineering world take-over by using Communism to weaken civil liberties, the wealth of the middle-class and by creating economic downturns that cause poverty among the middle to lower classes, while the wealth is concentrated among the super-rich. Watch the chilling analysis on the Insider Plan to destroy America, by Robert Welch below.



A planned economic failure: Its back page calls it a thoroughly documented book which reveals the careful step by step erosion of a nation of once free people. It tells in clear and unmistakable language the plan to conquer and rule America.

It tells the people involved, the dates, times and places of every major step in the attack on our freedom.

It is a shocking book because it reveals the foolish blunders of many trusted American leaders and what it has cost us.




A planned economic failure: This book graphically describes the secret source of America’s rising turmoil, hate and fear. But more important than chronicling the troubles of our times is a bold plan to reunite the people of America in a sweeping return of the Constitutional principles that made America great.

Robert L. Preston is a noted lecturer and author of How to Prepare for the Coming Crash and The Plot to Replace the Constitution.

He had a lifelong interest in the social and economic problems that affect the quality of American life.

In 1967, he was assistant to the President of the Thomas Jefferson Research Center and in 1970 he founded the Wake-Up America Crusade.

How to Prepare for the Coming Crash came in 1973 by Hawkes Publishing, Inc.  It is a prediction of a coming economic crash in the United States, the author warning the reader thereof as to the hows and whys, and advising as to how to prepare for this disaster, e.g. which foods to buy and store, shelter, self-defense, how and where to protectively invest or keep one’s wealth, general survival issues, much more.


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