Sanctions against Russia failing: The 2021 Valdai Discussion Club: Vladimir Putin Sochi

Vladimir Putin 2021 Valdai Discussion Club: Conservatism in Russia ignored in Woke West


Herland Report: The 2021 Valdai Discussion Club: Since Russia is now our much talked about enemy, one would assume that the Western media would scrutinize every word said by the Russian President Putin at the recent 2021 Valdai Conference in Sochi. But not so.

As the 2021 Valdai Conference was held in Sochi with topics on “the Individual, Values and the State,” sharing the vision of Russia in the modern world and where we are heading, negative focus on Covid-19 in Russian hospitals was seemingly the only popular topic the same week in Western mainstream media.

This, of course, effectively halted any intelligent discussions in the West on topics such as Conservatism versus Progressivism, totalitarianism versus citizens’ rights, the importance of not focusing on race and skin color, the need to combat racism, the rapidly growing inequality and other important topics addressed at the Valdai Discussion Club.

President Putin held talks with journalists for over three hours at the 2021 Valdai Discussion Club, rivalling his well-known annual St. Petersburg International Economic Forum open talks.


The 2021 Valdai Discussion Club: To quote RT, the Russian government channel:

“Normalizing the situation in Afghanistan requires helping the country rebuild, the Russian president said. While Russia, China, and other countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization – who have pledged aid to Kabul – will do their part, “the main responsibility for what happens there is borne by those countries that fought there 20 years,” meaning the US and its NATO allies.

“The first thing they should have done, in my opinion, is to unfreeze Afghan assets and enable Afghanistan to solve social and economic problems of primary importance,” Putin added, referring to gold reserves and bank accounts that have effectively been confiscated by the US.”


Russian Conservatism Preached by Putin as Remedy against Wokeness


The 2021 Valdai Discussion Club: President Putin spoke at length at the Valdai Conference in Sochi about the extreme Progressive Leftwing system now engulfing the West, stating: “It is with puzzlement that in the West today we see practices that Russia has left in the distant past.”

To quote The Moscow Times, probably also a Russian government channel, as almost all Russian media now seem to be labelled in the West:

“We’re surprised to see things happening in countries that see themselves as flagships of progress… The struggle for equality and against discrimination turns into aggressive dogmatism verging on absurdity.”

“Opposing racism is a necessary and noble thing, but the new ‘culture of abolition’ turns into ‘reverse discrimination’…Here in Russia the absolute majority of our citizens don’t care what color a person’s skin is.”




“People who dare to say that men and women still exist as a biological fact are almost ostracized… Not to mention the simply monstrous fact that children today are taught from a young age that a boy can easily become a girl and vice versa.”

“Let’s call a spade a spade: This simply verges on crimes against humanity under the banner of progress.”

“We will be guided by the ideology of healthy conservatism…”

The 2021 Valdai Discussion Club: “In the coming era of global readjustment, which may last quite long and whose final outlook is unknown, moderate conservatism is the most reasonable line of conduct.”

“Our society has developed a ‘collective immunity,’ as they say now, to extremism that leads to upheavals and social and political collapse.”

“Our conservatism is the conservatism of optimists… And of course, we’re ready to work with our partners for the sake of common noble goals.”

As this time of great global change pose threats, it also means new opportunities, President Putin said: “In recent decades, many people have cited a Chinese proverb. The Chinese people are wise, and they have many thinkers and valuable thoughts that we can still use today. One of them, as you may know, says, “God forbid living in a time of change.” But we are already living in it, whether we like it or not, and these changes are becoming deeper and more fundamental.”

“But let us consider another Chinese wisdom: the word “crisis” consists of two hieroglyphs – there are probably representatives of the People’s Republic of China in the audience, and they will correct me if I have it wrong – but, two hieroglyphs, “danger” and “opportunity.” And as we say here in Russia, “fight difficulties with your mind, and fight dangers with your experience.”


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