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Mel Gibson blasts Catholic Bishops who cancel traditional Priests: White Martyrdom

Mel Gibson blasts Catholic Bishops: Reuters

  Herland Report: Mel Gibson blasts Catholic Bishops: The iconic Catholic and ‘Passion of the Christ’ director, Mel Gibson recently hit hard on Pope Francis and the current politicized system within the Catholic church as orthodox, traditional priests are being “cancelled” and removed from their jobs. Stating that “There is a parallel, counterfeit church set up to eclipse the real one,” Gibson …

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 How the neo-Marxist movement strangled America – WND

AP photo  How the neo-Marxist movement strangled America: Herland Report

  Herland Report: The neo-Marxist movement: It is only recently that most people have come to understand how influenced American society has become by Marxist thought. Yet, this ideology has been preached for more than 50 years to American youth in schools and universities, demonizing classical, traditional values and substituting these with revolutionary, God hating ideals that have succeeded in destabilizing …

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The Culture War: Atheists are small minority in ocean of believers

Atheists are small minority in ocean of Believers in God: Hanne Nabintu herland The Culture War

  Herland Report: Atheists are small minority in ocean of Believers in God, says bestselling author Hanne Nabintu Herland.  In this interview, the author speaks about her book, “The Culture War. How the West lost its greatness”, as she expands the need for a broader understanding that the human is a spiritual being.  Watch the clip here. She says: “It …

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New Atheist Religion: Secular Messianism

New Atheist Religion: Atheist Marxism produces Slavery: Hanne Nabintu Herland , Herland Report

  Herland Report: New Atheist Religion: The current lack of moral strength worry many of the leading philosophers in the West.  Among them, the German philosopher who is Europe’s arguably most influential social scientist, atheist Jürgen Habermas. At one point, Habermas dramatically changed his view on the role of religion, stating that his previous assumption of its irrelevance in secular …

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Will Christian Black Lives Ever Matter to Marxist Black Lives Matter? The Ignored Genocide in Nigeria

Will Christian Black Lives ever matter: Raymond Ibrahim

  Christian Black Lives: All throughout sub-Saharan Africa — in Nigeria, Mozambique, the Central African Republic, Mali, the Democratic Republic of Congo — Muslims are terrorizing and slaughtering Christians, and have been for many years now, writes Raymond Ibrahim, a prominent Islamic scholar, bestselling author and regular contributor to The Herland Report. Nor is there any hope on the horizon, …

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Alexandr Solzhenitsyn: Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened

Men have forgotten God: Alexandr Solzhenitsyn

  Herland Report: Men have forgotten God: The West has, in recent years, bestowed upon itself an immense weight of suffering from financial crisis, lack of ethics, health and a variety of political crisis. Traditional values, respect for the elderly, tradition, the family and faith has been scrapped from the public narrative. Front and center is the atheist materialist world view …

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Islamist demonization of Middle East Christians: Making it acceptable to kill and rape

Social Media does not Stop Muslim hate speech: Nabil H. Salama Executed by jihadists on the accusation that he was acting like a jihadist (Ayat Oraby, right)

  Herland Report: Islamist demonization of Middle East Christians: The recent execution of a Christian man by Muslim terrorists in Sinai showcased a little known but interesting fact: the reason so many “radical” Muslims target innocent “infidels” is often based on projection, a word defined as “the attribution of one’s own ideas, feelings, or attitudes to other people.” One academic article/book chapter elaborates: “Projection allows …

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Heartlessness in Christian America, we need to wake up – DeVon Johnson

Heartlessness in Christian America, we need to wake up - DeVon Johnson Herland Report

  Herland Report TV: Hanne Nabintu Herland speaks to reverend DeVon Johnson about Christian culture and what seems to be a dramatic lack of Christian participation in public life. Why are Christians often silent in the public debate? Why do they seem to engage in their church communities but not in the public debate in society? Are they forcefully kept …

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Viking King of Norway, Harald Hardrada and Orthodox Christianity in Scandinavia

Viking King of Norway, Harald Hardrada and Orthodox Christianity in Scandinavia

  Herland Report:  Orthodox Christianity: Harald Hardrada is considered to be the last great Viking king, as described in our VIKING TV series on YouTube with Georg Olafr Reydarsson, Halvor Tjønn and other Scandinavia scholars and activists. Our VIKING series tells the tale of the spectacular Viking age and its Norwegian kings: Harald Hardrada, Olav Trygvasson, Olav the Saint, their …

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