Religion and Faith

The scientific cure for Depression: Prayer – WND

Hanne Nabintu Herland report

  Herland Report: The scientific cure for Depression: Prayer. We live in a mainstream culture that almost completely denies the spiritual realm and its influence on human beings. You hardly hear anything positive about religious beliefs or traditional values, for that matter. Yet, the New Left total revolt against traditional values, implemented into our university structures, the publishing business and …

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Vast difference between Conservative early Feminism and the Radical Man Hating Rage of the 1960s

Conservative Feminism: Hanne Nabintu Herland

  Herland Report: Conservative Feminism: There are vast differences between the conservative feminist movements in the early 1900s and the radical left-wing 1960s feminism that now dominates the narrative. The early women’s movement fought for equal social-political rights and respected the differences between the sexes. It culminated in the Suffragette movement in the 1920s and was defined by free-spirited activism, demanding …

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The Age of Western Stagnation: Greed and Lack of Trust

The need for Faith in God:Hanne Nabintu Herland Report

  Herland Report: Western stagnation: We live in an age of remarkable Western stagnation. Respect for traditional values such as honesty, trustworthiness and self-restraint have been killed off by the Marxist rebellion against morality. Greed and selfishness are now forefront values. It may be argued that the deterioration of traditional ethics is precisely the element that contributes to economic decline that …

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Darwinism Remains a Theory, Was never Proven – WND

HErland Report banner

  Herland Report: Darwinism remains a theory, was never proven: We all know Charles Darwin. We’ve all been told for decades that he proved how man evolved from apes, in a linear evolution from amphibians at sea. They crawled on land and slowly evolved into other species, and here we are – homo sapiens – the brilliant evolutionary end product. …

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‘Cancel culture’? In Russia it created a communist holocaust – WND

'Cancel culture'? In Russia it created a communist holocaust: Herland Report

  Herland Report: As the United States now openly embraces the Marxist Cancel Culture with its fervent hatred of traditional values and Conservatism, it looks as though Soviet totalitarianism is likely to get its replay in the former “land of the free”. One of the most famous dissidents who experienced the depth of the atheist Soviet repression is Russia’s novelist and …

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Hanne Nabintu selvbiografi “Respekt”: Opprøret mot sosialistisk rasisme

Hanne Nabintu Herland, founder of The Herland Report

  Hanne Nabintu Herlands bestselger Respekt er en politisk selvbiografi der hun forteller om sin oppvekst i Afrika sør for Sahara og det brutale møtet med jantelovens Norge. Her beskrives hvordan hun raskt forsto at kravet til å tenke likt og mene det samme sto særdeles sterkt i Norge. Herland kom til Norge rundt midten av 1980-tallet og det kulturradikale …

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How Marxism created religious revival in Russia – WND

The Marxist West: Marxist America: Herland Report

  Herland Report: Marxism created religious revival: As Americans now turn to Marxism in the hope of a better and more just world, the Communist Soviet experience is worth revisiting. Submerged in atheist state control, the Soviet media propaganda penetrated society, idealizing the Communist teaching that Marxism would bring happiness and peace to all, writes Hanne Nabintu Herland, historian of …

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