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Media pumping Corona Fear in an unprecedented Way, look to China

Double Jabbed die at rate Six Times higher than Unvaccinated: Herland Report

    Herland Report: The Media is pumping Fear in an unprecedented Way: The following analysis is based on the hypothesis that American globalists and media owners ended up joining the US-China trade war on China’s side. They have ended up helping China push even more media fear of Corona, simply to try to get to Trump, since Russia Gate, …

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The Panic Fear of Corona is the new 9/11, Russia gains

Gangster Capitalism and Soros: Nasdaq: The Displacement of the Straight White Male:blogspot

  Herland Report: The Panic Fear of Corona is the new 9/11: The panic fear of the Sars Coronavirus COVID-19, not the virus itself, may be the very element that brings about the upcoming major economic decline and restructuring of ownership all across the West. [pullquote]The geopolitical shift caused by the fear created in 9/11 still shakes the world, the …

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Selve panikken over Corona største årsak til massiv økonomisk nedgang

Conservative Feminism: Hanne Nabintu Herland

  Herland Report:  Selve panikken over Corona kan bli den største årsaken til massiv økonomisk nedgang og nye kapitalkrefters overtakelse i månedene som kommer. Mediene har bidratt sterkt. Statsminister Erna Solberg stenger nå ned norsk økonomi, hvor klokt er det? 60-80 % av befolkningen vil få viruset, sier britiske myndigheter. Men i 2018 hadde USA alene rundt 80 000 døde …

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The Panic of Corona may be the element that brings about major restructuring of ownership – Hanne Nabintu

The Panic of Corona may be the element that brings about major restructuring of ownership: Hanne Herland Report, business-liverne.com

  Herland Report, Hanne Nabintu Herland: The panic of Corona may be the very psychological element that brings about a major restructuring of international ownership. 60-80 % of the population will get the Corona virus, says British authorities.And 650 000 people die yearly of a regular influenza, according to the WHO, writes historian of comparative religions, author and founder of …

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Boris Johnson Brexit success?


  Herland Report: Most UK firms support Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal in what could be Johnson’s moment in redefining British politics. For long, the threat of Parliament stopping Brexit – the will of the people – has angered many in the British public. It has become a quest for democracy in Britain – or the end of it. The central …

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Brexit stopped by Supreme Court, Paul C. Roberts

Brexit spiked Herland Report Paul C Roberts

When the British people voted Brexit from the European Union, I said in many interviews, and I suppose also in written columns, that I doubted it would ever happen.  It has been three years, and it has not.   [pullquote]Washington expressed its view to the UK government that it was not in Washington’s interest for the UK to exit the EU. In other …

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The unattainable dream of free and fair elections in Libya

free and fair elections in Libya Libyan flag Gaddafi Herland Report

  There is a dream for many in so-called third world countries, that the Western form of democracy will lead to “free and fair elections in Libya,” also in the traditionally more authoritarian ruler region. They hope that the Western system will bring development and civil liberties to their population. This is, of course, a very naive perseption. Africa should …

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Migrant Caravan financed from UK, United States – Joaquin Flores

Migrant Caravan financed from UK, United States

  Herland Report: Migrant Caravan financed from UK, United States: The Mexican government recently revealed that they have blocked the financial accounts of at least 26 individuals or identities involved in a mass human trafficking operation which has been operating illegally under the auspices of a ‘humanitarian migrant/refugee caravan’ had come from individuals or institutions in the United States and …

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Prince Charles Moving Speech on horrifying Christian Persecution

Prince Charles Moving Speech on the horrifying Christian Persecution Herland Report

  Herland Report: Prince Charles has again spoken out about the persecution Christians world wide, as he did last year at Easter. He also addressed the Christchurch mosque terror attack and spoke about forgiveness as a healing power. To many who have addressed this issue for many years, seemingly to no avail as the mainstream media has given little attention …

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Why are we to feel sorry for ISIS brides?

Shamima Begun case uk

  Herland Report: Syria and president Bashar al-Assad is hardly mentioned anymore in the press. The mainstream media is conspicuously silent. Embarrassingly enough, the Syrian Arab Army and its allies won the war. Damascus never fell to ISIS. There is nothing much left to say, except to see what will happen with the oil rich US held Eastern Syria. So, …

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