Focus on Christianity defined at our YouTube Channel “SPIRIT and FAITH”

Herland Report Spirit and Faith section

  Herland Report: In a series of Herland Report TV programs, we focus on the Christian faith. This is part of the launch of our “Spiritual Lifestyle” segment in the YouTube channel that already reaches millions. Exclusive shorts with Dr. Chuck Crismier, an American veteran attorney, author of several books, pastor and a national radio host mark the launch. Today, …

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Putin at Davos: Warns of dark Anti Utopian days ahead

Vladimir Putin at Davos: Warns of dark anti utopian days ahead, GEtty

  The Moscow Times highlighted topics in the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin’s speech at Davos World Economic Forum, where he appeared for the first time in a decade. The President commented on a number of serious issues facing the world as tensions escalate: “There is every reason to believe that there are risks of further escalating contradictions. …

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Trust in the Media at an All Time Low

Mass Disinformation: Only 29 % trust US media: Herland Report

  Herland Report: Trust in the Media at an All Time Low: We have previously discussed how American journalism has been destroyed by years of openly partisan coverage in an age of echo journalism. Not surprisingly, the public has lost faith in what was once the leading nation in terms of journalistic practices and ethics. A new survey by the …

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Ny viktig bok av Glenn Diesen om oppblomstringen av russisk konservatisme

Glenn Diesen new book Russian Conservatism. Managing change under Permanent Revolution.

  Herland Report: Professor Glenn Diesens siste bok Russian Conservatism beskriver hvorledes konservatismen nå returnerer til Russland etter et århundre med eksperimentering med sosialisme og liberalisme. Kjøp den her og lær mer om Russlands og vårt nabolands utvikling. Konservatisme er ideen om organisk vekst som tilsier at utvikling og modernisering må bygge på fortiden og særegne tradisjoner. Konservatisme har en …

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Iconic Odd Nerdrum, the greatest painter since Edvard Munch

  Herland Report: Art is the language of the Gods. Painted with fluid words from another dimension, art ruptures the limitations of language, opposes stagnation and indifference, pleads for change and challenges men to consider the journey through life with a new awareness and a lively gaze, writes historian of comparative religions, author and founder of The Herland Report, Hanne …

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Erdogan says Turkey will Never Allow Twitter Digital Fascism

Erdogan says Turkey will Never Allow Twitter Digital Fascism: As RT

  Herland Report: Erdogan says Turkey will Never Allow Twitter Digital Fascism: As the social media platform Twitter goes full out totalitarian, countries around the world, such as Turkey, are reacting strongly.   Tyler Durden: Turkey’s pugnacious president has never been shy about taking on foreign and domestic enemies, whether it be currency traders shorting the lira, his own central bank, …

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Aftur Nerdrum on Cave of Apelles: – Odd Nerdrum Gives Kant Life

Aftur Nerdrum on Cave of Apelles: - Odd Nerdrum Gives Kant Life, Herland Report

  Herland Report: Aftur Nerdrum’s production of her father’s play The Last Days of Immanuel Kant is the topic of this month’s Cave of Apelles, produced by Bork S. Nerdrum. Ever since she was a child listening to the audiobook recording of her father’s play, Aftur Nerdrum has wanted to see it staged, writes Carl Korsnes. Now, she joins Jan-Ove …

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Opptrapping av konflikt mot Russland?

Sirkus Navalnyj varsler opptrapping av konflikt mot Russland?

  Herland Report: “Den russiske stat bør anses som en gjeng med kriminelle som midlertidig har tatt makten,” er et av utsagnene til den russiske opposisjonspolitikeren og yrkesdemonstranten, Alexei Navalny som har svært mange venner i Vesten. Han mener at EU bør blande seg inn i Russlands valg neste år, ettersom dette valget med sikkerhet vil være rigget. Navalny saken …

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The total Disappearance of Seasonal Influenza world wide in 2020?

The total disappearance of Seasonal Influenza world wide in 2020? Herland Report

  Herland Report: One of the most bizarre features of the alleged COVID-19 ‘global pandemic’ has been the mysterious total disappearance of seasonal influenza in medical and public health record keeping. It simply has vanished. No one has the flu. It’s as if the Flu just vanished into thin air after being the most common perennial seasonal respiratory virus, writes …

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