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How the Marxist Left produces Totalitarianism: Fear instead of Freedom


The rise of totalitarianism in modern societies happens in nations where Marxism first is infused into society.

The Marxist Left produces Totalitarianism: It is a must to create Marxist repressive revolutions that bring fear and terror into the population and thereby silence political opposition in order to fundamentally alter the whole culture and the social fabric of the nation.

It is the fruits of Marxism that over time alters the population from being independent thinkers with individual rights protected by a conservative Constitution to becoming subordinate, groupthink indoctrinated communities full of fear of the government, writes historian of comparative religions and bestselling author, Hanne Nabintu Herland.

Hannah Arendt came to the conclusion in her famous book, The Origins of Totalitarianism that precisely because modern democracies have such well-developed, strong institutions and hierarchical organized structures, the massive power exerted when such a state demands of its citizens to follow orders – regardless of its legitimacy or legal basis – the people as a socially tightknit group are inclined to obey orders without reflecting sufficiently on individual ethic responsibilities.

Indifference, complacency, lack of empathy and willingness to obey status quo created the perfect opportunity for totalitarian forces to take control.


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The Marxist Left produces Totalitarianism: As tyranny and its sheer terror grips the heart of its citizens, the change within the population goes from actively participating in local governments, speaking their minds, always looking for the abuse of power, addressing these topics publicly – to becoming a repressed group in which ‘everyone publicly has the same left-wing opinion,’ completely in line by one-sided media propaganda that only tells the government narrative.

In such a system, the people become the tyranny of the mob, effectively turning each other over to “the state Gestapo,” in a system of active informants reporting and surveilling one another, in accordance with the will of the elites.




The Marxist Left produces Totalitarianism: Precisely this development was the fear of Alexis de Tocqueville, as he examined in Democracy in America the dangers of democracy becoming a tyrannical mob, where fear instead of freedom becomes a driving force.

When studying the effects of Marxism implemented in nations, the system introduced was one where a new, atheist Marxist elite replaced the existing elite, controlling the working class just as their predecessors did before them.

The oppression implemented by intolerant communist state lords, where millions were sent to concentration camps and millions killed by their own leaders, defined totalitarian horror in the 20th century.

As a necessity of totalitarian states comes the concentration camps and the Gulags where those who do not obey the orders are placed under terrorizing inhuman conditions and often killed.

The dual purpose of the camps are for one, to remove from society those who do not comply with the socialist groupthink, and two, the terrorization of individuals – often with public slander, belittling, accusations, presenting lies to taint their reputation – this is necessary to discourage others from attempting to voice an opinion outside of the mainstream narrative dictate.

The former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi summed this strategy up as she on tape explained how Democrats smears its opponents with falsehood and lies.

She states: “You demonize, it is called the Wrap Up Smear. You smear somebody, with falsehoods and all the rest. Then you merchandize it, you write it and say “It is reported in the press” this and this, so you have the validation that the press reported the smear. That’s what’s called a Wrap Up Smear. So, we merchandize what the press has reported on the smear that we made. It is a tactic.”

Pelosi is among the long lines of Americans who fell for the neo-Marxist deception, and to use Vladimir Lenin’s often attributed term, have become very “useful idiots”.

The Marxist Left produces Totalitarianism: This is what the Soviet Orthodox Christian philosopher and Nobel laureate, Alexandr Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008) wrote is the consequence of communism: The need to remove completely those who in any way oppose the state ruled system as they are “the obstacle to total unity” and to the perfect communist paradise.

Solzhenitsyn was exiled from the USSR in 1975 for speaking about matters that the Soviet leaders disliked, and finally ended up in the United States. He died in 2008.

Arrested in 1945 for writing critical comments about “the mustache” – Stalin – in private letters, he was sentenced to spending eight years in a concentration camp. His story serves as a brutally horrifying example of the inhumane clamp-down against any form of intellectual critical thinking that existed during atheistic communist system in the Soviet Union.

Currently, it looks like the United States is closely following in its footsteps.

Nancy Pelosi explains how Democrats smear and lie as Strategy to suppress opponents


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The level of censorship in social media and search engines is all-time high. Do like thousands of others, subscribe to The Herland Report newsletter here!

Hanne Nabintu Herland is a historian of religions and bestselling author. She is the founder of The Herland Report Scandinavian news site, TV channel on YouTube and Podcasts which have millions of readers/viewers. This is a great place to watch interviews with leading intellectuals, thought leaders from across the political spectrum. Herland’s books include Alarm, Respect, Det Nye Babylon (2018), Tyranni (2020) and in English – The Culture War. How the West lost its Greatness (2017)Trump. The Battle for America (2020) as well as  New Left Tyranny. The Authoritarian Destruction of Our Way of Life (2020), available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, across the USA and in 60 countries world-wide. New Left Tyranny shows how the neo-Marxist New Left turned their back on historical Western principles and became a destructive authoritarian force.

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