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The Coup That Deposed a President, or not yet?

The Truth about Trump: The Coup That Deposed a President, or not yet? CNN, Herland Report

  Herland Report: The Coup That Deposed a President, or not yet? Like an old truck, the US political system has lumbered down an uneven road for many years but the mileage on the clock is beginning to show. No longer a Constitutional Republic — and certainly not a “democracy” — the cracks in the system appeared long ago, and …

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The West Has Thrown Itself Into the Waste Basket of History

Lack of Morality creates Downfall: Black Lives Matter

  Herland Report: If courts uphold election laws, the vote fraud in the swing states will be overturned, and Trump will be declared the winner.  There is no doubt about the vote fraud. Proof of Vote Fraud is Piling Up Rapidly. The question is whether Trump in the face of media hostility, Antifa/BLM violence, and weak-kneed Republicans will have the support …

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Russisk TV rapporterer med fryd kaoset i USA: Mafia Bananrepublikken!

Insouciance Destroyed America: Gerald Flurry

  Herland Report: Anført av de statlige tv-kanalene har russiske massemedier rapportert utførlig fra det amerikanske presidentvalget som har blitt presentert på en lite flatterende måte. Personer som tilsynelatende fyller valgurnene med falske stemmesedler, postfunksjonærer som hevder at de har blitt beordret til å kaste stemmesedler, rasende mennesker utenfor valglokaler som roper at valget er forfalsket, og valgfunksjonærer som dekker …

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Joe Biden’s Foreign Policy: Neoliberalism shall return Full Force

Biden implements Communist Centralized Power: Biden Executive Order implements Communist Centralized Power to Rule the Bureaucracy Staggering 40 % believes Biden suffers from dementia, cognitive ailment, turning senile, People

  Herland Report: Subsequent to the Captured State’s nearly four-year setback in its attempt to shape the world to suit their Globalist-Neoliberal agenda, let’s examine what the Biden-Harris regime’s foreign policy might look like, writes author and published scholar on the US monetary system, Steve Brown for The Herland Report.   CHINA Perhaps controversial to some, no nation should give …

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The US Banana Republic: Gangs, mafia, lies and disorder

Good-bye Liberty as America enters Years of Humiliation: Gangs, mafia, lies and disorder: Herland Report

  Herland Report:  Sadly, it has come to this. The once so great United States of America has abandoned its former values, lost its law and order and now experience civil unrest unlike anything we have seen in our lifetime. The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by historian Edward Gibbon is an epic masterpiece that tells …

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Does America Have a Future or is the Republic finished?

Worse Financial Crisis than in 2008: The notion of White Privilege is one of the most absurd fantasies in human history paul craig roberts

  Herland Report: If the election is close, the presstitutes will call it for Biden as that will be their way of putting Trump on the defensive. By repeating over and over that Biden has won, the presstitutes will position Trump as disputing the outcome and intending to remain in office. If polls are correct that a majority of Democrats …

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Tenk om Navalnyj hadde vært Trump, hadde han vært like hatet? Bjørn Nistad skriver

Business-SOTU Trump State of the Union:

  Herland Report: USA befinner seg i den dypeste politiske og sosiale krise siden borgerkrigen på 1860-tallet. Årets presidentvalg vil trolig ende i Høyesterett. Voldelige sammenstøt virker sannsynlig. Hvem som har skylden, og hvem som opptrer uansvarlig, kan diskuteres. Våre politikere og massemedier fremstiller Donald Trump som en skurk som truer demokratiet. Er det så åpenbart som de vil ha …

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Why Socialist Billionaires hate Trump: “Trump. The Battle for America” WND

New Book cuts through Media Rhetoric: “Trump. The Battle for America”, Hanne Nabintu Herland

  Herland Report: Donald Trump may be the most demonized President in US history, simply because his ultra-rich Socialist Billionaire enemies own the media and control the US establishment, writes Hanne Herland at WND, the largest Conservative news outlet in America. Read the exclusive excerpts from bestselling author, Hanne Nabintu Herland’s latest book at WND. With Trump’s “America First” slogan, he …

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The biggest political scandal in US History: The Plot against the President

The Subversive, Silent Coup to Ensure Nothing Changes: Getty, Herland Report

  Herland Report: The Biggest Political Scandal in U.S. History. True story of how Congressman Devin Nunes uncovered the operation to bring down the President of the United States. Following the book The Plot Against the President by investigative journalist Lee Smith, this feature length documentary explores new information and additional interviews as the case unfolds. Watch it here or …

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