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Aleksandr Dugin and Western Totalitarian Liberalism


The most famous political philosopher in Russia, anti-communist, anti-Marxist Aleksandr Dugin, who recently gave an interview to Tucker Carlson, is well-known for pointing out that modern liberalism is the third wave of totalitarianism.

Aleksandr Dugin and Totalitarian Liberalism: Hanne Herland Report
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Rather than ending totalitarianism, modern socialist liberalism, which developed with the rise of socialist movements that strongly opposed traditional values in the 20th century, continues the repression found in classic totalitarianism.

Aleksandr Dugin and Totalitarian Liberalism: In the 20th century, the Soviet communist empire created poverty, repression and a destitute population; and the fascist system fueled hatred between ethnic groups and actively persecuted those that did not comply with its state narrative, writes bestselling author, historian and founder of The Herland Report, Hanne Nabintu Herland in her regular column at WND.

WND is America’s largest Conservative network with columnists such as Larry Elder, Ann Coulter, John Whitehead, Joseph Farah, Ben Shapiro, Dinesh d’Souza, Pat Buchanan, Dennis Prager, David Kupelian, Jesse Lee Peterson and most of the famous Conservatives in the United States.

In both waves of totalitarianism, exemplified by the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) and the German NAZI (National Socialist German Workers’ Party) the media was used as a repressive propaganda tool to create fear and push the desired public compliance that benefitted the elites.


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Aleksandr Dugin and Totalitarian Liberalism: Totalitarianism is often defined as an atheist system of government where the people have no authority and the state has absolute control. The government actively persecutes the political claims of groups that oppose the state narrative, and works vehemently to control the information flow in the public sphere.

The totalitarian system aims not only to wield political power, but to totally dominate ideologically every single aspect of human life; to control its citizens down to the smallest detail – what they think about family, sex, relationships, religion, school, church, law and morality. When complete control is achieved, the idea is to further push for world dominion.




Aleksandr Dugin and Totalitarian Liberalism: Claiming that fascism is an inherent part of Western liberalism, Dr. Aleksandr Dugin argues that the idea that “everyone must become like us” is a fascist credo. This is a Western movement that is highly influenced by the same Marxist-socialist dominated Soviet and NAZI systems.

Since 1991, this form of liberalism defeated communism and fascism and has become the only dominant system until the rise of multipolarity, accelerated by the economic effects of especially the Ukraine war.

The point being that historic and traditional Western liberalism, as defined by the Christian philosopher John Locke and others in the 1600s, differs vastly from the hedonist, nihilist, a-moral liberalism based on the legitimization of selfishness and greed that arose in the 20th century.

When John Locke (1632-1704) defined modern human rights, he spoke of rights and corresponding duties and responsibilities in society. His liberalism was not devoid of Christian and traditional morality, but rather formed from religious ideals.

Dr. Dugin is a Christian traditionalist who for decades has voiced the need for Russia to return to its religious and conservative values in order to survive as a culture. Like Alexandr Solzhenitsyn and many other Soviet dissidents, having lived through the repressive atheist system with its concentration camps for the unwanted and its massive poverty among the population, had lost faith in that communism would bring about a well-functioning society.

Alexandr Dugin has been an very influential voice pushing for religious values in Russia, a nation that today is comprised by more than 70 % traditional Christians. His 1997 book Foundations of Geopolitics (his books are forbidden on liberal Amazon) outlines how Russia could regain its international influence through alliances and conquests, defining the need for a specific national identity based on the Christian roots that Russia left during its Soviet era. Needless to say, Dugin is like so many other conservatives demonized across the hedonist, liberal West.

He definitely comes across as a stern anti-globalist, critically defining Western liberalism by its eurocentric and thereby racially determined view that classic Anglo-Saxon societies are the standard measure that the rest of humanity should copy and embrace.

This ideal leads naturally to a one-world globalist goal where human beings are all essentially the same with only one distinction, namely their individual nature. Consequently, the world should forcefully be integrated on the basis of individual world citizenship and ruled by the atheist, Western liberal narrative.

When Tucker Carlson questions why the West seems to be on such a self-destructive path of division and internal hatred between sub-groups in society, Dugin states it began with the enlightenment concept of individualism, which is the wrong understanding of human nature.

The doctrine of individualism cuts the relations to everything else, and implies the liberation of the individual from any kind of collective identity. Man exists alone, liberated from any collective identity that transcends the individual, split off from the moral obligations to others.

The individualism in modern liberalism thereby ends up fueling the nihilist breaking up of collective identities such as the unified church, empire as collective identity, the nation state, the family, gender and ultimately, the human identity. What lies ahead is a dark, dystopian future.


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